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The Ultimate List of Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical gardens and living walls are by no means a new fad. We are thinking old English country mansions covered in ivy, vibrant Bougainvillea adorning Mediterranean courtyard walls; or in fact, the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Recently though,…

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Our Top Romantic Getaways in Victoria

After having been cooped up for so long and with international travel still only a distant memory, a romantic short break might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Treat yourself and your loved one; get away from the day…

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Coolest Flower Shops in the World

‘Stop and smell the roses’ means to relax, to take time out of our busy lives to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life.  What better way to do that than taking a tour of some of the most…

YouTube Flower Lovers
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The Best YouTube Channels for Flower Lovers

Gardening is a relaxing and creative activity. It is also a great skill to hone if you have a little bit of free time and some extra space in your home. Whether you enjoy growing succulents and cacti, blooming…

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The Best Influencers for Garden Lovers

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just getting started on your gardening journey, you can always use some inspiration. Exploring content from some of the top gardeners can introduce you to new plants and growing techniques as well as…

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The Best Books for Gardening Enthusiasts

While these times may be unprecedented, they also present an opportunity to get in your garden and deal with the issues you haven’t found time for previously. If this describes you, then you’ll probably want to prepare a little…