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What to write on a sympathy card?

Despite our deepest sympathies and our heartfelt desire to comfort and support those in need when life is lost, finding the right words to say is a challenge in itself. A well-written sympathy card can ​​go a long way…

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What to write in a birthday card

Even though birthdays come around every year, it can still be hard to know just what to say to make the birthday person feel special. You want to send a personal message to let them know you care, but…

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Apologising With Flowers

How To Apologise With Flowers We’re not here to judge or ponder the context behind your actions. We just want to help you with your apology the best way we know how: flowers! From the sweetest expression of affection…

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Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

In 1936, the Newcastle Sun labelled Father’s Day a “new day” marked with the wearing of a red coloured flower. In 1964, Fairfield’s The Biz newspaper described Father’s Day as an opportunity to show “the family’s regard for the…

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November Givr Update

It’s now been over two months since we launched Givr – a charitable way to acknowledge ordinary (and extraordinary) friends, family, strangers, and groups doing wonderful things. All I can say is wow! We’ve been blown away by the nominations we’ve received…

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Today, we’re launching Givr. A way to give something to someone who may not have otherwise received it. It’s totally free, it’s a lot of fun and it’s all about giving! We’re in the business of giving – if…