Chinese New Year Flowers

Happy Chinese New Year!

8th of February, 2016 is new years day for the year of the Monkey. Melbourne has already begun celebrations with Federation Square exhibiting Chinese culture and incredible Street food! Do not panic if you have missed the Fed Square event because there is plenty more to see, do and eat.

Do you want to see what’s happening? Click here to go to the official Chinese New Year Melbourne website or, mash the keyboard with this: www.cnymelbourne.com.au
Enjoy the celebrations around Melbourne (and everywhere else) and don’t forget to grab your flowers of fortune from our quick guide below.

If you want to see a flower that we think would be perfect for the year of the Monkey celebrations then check number one on our weirdest flowers list, this cute little monkey face orchid…it looks like a monkey! (unfortunately not available in Australia)

Chinese Flower meanings


Lilies are said to help forget troubles and are popular in weddings because the flower represents a bringer of son’s. Another reason that lilies are popular in weddings is because the name Lily translates to Bǎihé in Chinese, Bǎihé sounds like part of a proverb Bǎinián hǎo , which means ‘Happy Union for 100 years.’

Order 100 years of Happiness


Peonies are only available for a brief season but are an extraordinary flower. Known as the ‘King or Queen of flowers’ the Peonies symbolise, innocence, affection, feminine charm, honour and richness. In full bloom, the Peony signifies Peace and red Peonies are the most desired.


Chrysanthemums symbolise duration, Autumn, strong life force and long life. Chrysanthemums are also paired with the 9th lunar month and the name, Chrysanthemum is close to jū, which means ‘to remain’.  Avoid yellow Chrysanthemums and any white flowers as they are often used in funeral arrangements.

May Improve Longevity


The lotus is one of the eight favourable symbols in Buddism. The Lotus flower is the flower of Summer and a symbol of purity. The lotus also symbolises the holy seat of Buddha, honour, purity of the heart and mind and represents longevity, humility, honour and tranquillity.


Orchids often express Academic pursuit, friendship, nobility, refinement and integrity. Confucius compared the Orchid to an honourable man.

“An orchid in a deep forest sends out its fragrance even if no one is around to appreciate it. Likewise, men of noble character hold firm to their high principles, undeterred by poverty.”– Confucius (551–479 BC)

Increase your Nobility Chance

Feng Shui ElementsLucky Bamboo & the Five Elements

  • Wood – The Lucky Bamboo stalk
  • Earth – Rocks, pebbles, soil, or use a clay or ceramic pot
  • Water – Clean water is vital to sustain life
  • Metal – Place a coin in the container, or use a rounded pot
  • Fire – A red ribbon tied around the pot or stalks

The Taoist philosophers believe that life is made up of a combination of the Five Elements. Using the Elements correctly can help us learn to live in harmony and balance or ‘Life in the flow’.
Our Lucky Bamboo has five stalks, one for each area of your life that can bring you wealth. The overall effect of the five stalks is health, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and intuitively.

Placing a Lucky Bamboo in your home may help remove negative chi energy. Setting the Lucky Bamboo in a particular sector of the house is said to have different properties.
Without getting too far off track here is a great article for finding your homes sectors (Bagua) in the Southern Hemisphere: Feng Shui Bagua

Balance your chi

Colours and Numbers

The colours, green, red and yellow are considered ‘Lucky colours’, in Chinese Culture and so is the number 8 which indicates wealth, success and prosperity.

  • The colour green symbolises money and wealth.
  • The colour red signifies happiness, success, good fortune and beauty.
  • The colour yellow symbolises royalty and power of the throne.

Quick disclaimer: “Flowers Across Melbourne cannot guarantee that any of the above-mentioned flowers, plants, colours, numbers or techniques, will improve your life as a result of what we or Chinese culture may suggest” in saying that, stranger things have happened!

Enjoy your Chinese New Year Celebrations, be safe and have fun!

Flowers Across Melbourne

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