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Find the Perfect Wedding Florist for Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings, the floral design is probably the most important and powerful styling element. The arrangements that the guests admire as they enter the venue, the reception table decorations, and most importantly the bride’s bouquet, should complement the space and the vibe of the event perfectly. Weddings are magical events and once in a lifetime experiences for everyone involved, so working with a talented floral designer who uses wedding bridal flowers to create works of art is the best decision you’ll ever make.

If you are currently looking for the perfect floral designer, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done our research and are thrilled to present to you the best floral designers in Australia. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration or time is ticking and you haven’t found your perfect match, we’re confident that the following artists will wow your guests and add elegance and colour to your wedding photos.

The Best Wedding Florists in Australia

Florals are the most exciting and gorgeous elements of your wedding. Whether you just need a stunning bouquet, or you want to fill a castle with lavish arrangements, a wedding florist will have your back and work through every little detail to ensure that the blooms will look perfect on your special day. Whether you are dreaming of a romantic wedding, a quirky, modern, or minimalist one, we are convinced that you will find what you’re looking for on our list.


Image Source: Prunella

Prunella is an Australian florist that focuses on creating botanical arrangements for wedding ceremonies and elegant receptions. The keywords to describe the floral art created by the Prunella team are opulence, decadence, and luxury. By combining the charm of late Renaissance floral arrangements with modern techniques and organic elements, Prunella manages to create arrangements that remind of the late Renaissance but that can complement even the most modern interior design. To achieve this, the designers of Prunella mix their attention to detail, their talent, and their desire to achieve perfection and surprise us every time. If you are an ‘old soul’ who loves old fashioned roses, European chateaus, and still life paintings of the Renaissance, you’ve just found the perfect floral designer for your wedding.

Prunella Official Website

Prunella Instagram


Image Source: Grandiflora

Based in Sydney, Grandiflora is a small shop that can do amazing things. Led by the talented flower pioneer Saskia Havekes, the Grandiflora team works tirelessly to cement their signature style which is a perfect combination of romance, poetry, and sculpture. Gladly taking on any type of event, from discreet and elegant events to grandiose weddings, Grandiflora doesn’t cease to amaze. With four published books and six intricate fragrances, Saskia Havekes’ international reputation doesn’t come as a surprise. Having worked with movie stars, celebrities, and members of royal families, the Grandiflora team thrives under pressure and welcomes any challenge. If you want to feel like a princess or a movie star on your wedding day, you should work with one of the best floral designers in the world which is none other than Grandiflora’s Saskia Havekes.

Grandiflora Official Website

Grandiflora Instagram


Image Source: Aleksandra

With over ten years of experience, Aleksandra is a young and talented floral artist that playfully utilizes flowers to create unique and spectacular floral experiences. Having discovered her love for flowers in her youth, Aleksandra’s experience and creativity transpire in all of her projects. Focusing on diverse projects from weddings, events, film shoots, fashion shoots, and all types of private occasions, this young designer doesn’t cease to amaze her clients. Although the best words to describe her work are luxury and creativity, Aleksandra doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in the process. Her hands-on approach allows her to inject her floral art with personality and authenticity. Although Aleksandra doesn’t shy away from any type of event, it becomes clear once you visit her website that weddings are the main focus. She specializes in creating tailored experiences and dreams brought to life to delight clients and guests.

Aleksandra Official Website

Aleksandra Instagram

Natural Art Flowers

Image Source: Natural Art Flowers

Led by the talented florist and influencer Rebecca Grace, the Natural Art Flowers team creates decadent, stylish, and luxurious floral arrangements. The natural beauty and elegance of the flower are at the base of each of their bouquets and arrangements. The intricate, yet elegant designs brought to life by Rebecca and her team will take your breath away. Natural Art Flowers offer a wide range of services from floral arrangements, to décor pieces, bouquets, and gifts and their main goal is to leave a memorable impression. Because flowers are the heart and soul of a wedding, Natural Art Flowers strive to make this experience exciting and unique for all of their clients.

Natural Art Flowers Official Website

Natural Art Flowers Instagram

Wilderness Flowers

Image Source: Wilderness Flowers

Wilderness Flowers, led by Mikarla Bauer, an experienced florist and an important member of the floral design world, is a breath of fresh air. Her work is exciting and if you are lucky enough to live in Byron Bay or the Gold Coast, you can see your dream become reality with the help of Wilderness Flowers. Mikarla is a talented and knowledgeable designer that utilizes the most beautiful blooms to create timeless installations. She strives to create a real connection with her clients in order to offer them a unique and honest representation of their wedding’s floral design.

Wilderness Flowers Official Website

Wilderness Flowers Instagram

Wedding Flowers by Keren

Image Source: Wedding Flowers by Keren

Wedding Flowers by Keren is a boutique florist that specializes in weddings. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Keren is genuinely passionate about designing bouquets, meeting brides-to-be, and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. Keren offers a very personal service and enjoys helping the bride and groom with ideas and concepts. She focuses on using the freshest blooms to create the most stunning corsages, buttonholes, bouquets, cake florals, and arrangements.

Wedding Flowers by Keren Official Website

Wedding Flowers by Keren Instagram

Shady Fig

Image Source: Instagram

Located in the idyllic town of Berry on the NSW South Coast, Shady Fig is a bespoke flower shop that specializes in full-service floral designs for weddings and other events and special occasions. Led by Michelle Collison, a hard-working florist with a unique eye for creating the most spectacular floral arrangements, Shady Fig offers lush, sophisticated, and luxurious floral designs. With a deep respect for the perfect imperfectness of nature, Michelle’s Shady Fig offers bespoke floral styling concepts that elevate weddings and mesmerize even the pickiest clients.

Shady Fig Official Website

Shady Fig Instagram

Botanica Flora

Image Source: Instagram

With a decade of experience in the floral design industry, Libby Reimers’ Botanica Flora offers high-quality bespoke floristry services. The dedicated team of wedding florists behind Botanica Flora focuses on creating designs that will suit the occasion and the person perfectly. Situated in a beautiful shared gallery space within ‘The Collective’ in Lords Place, Orange, Botanica Flora is a great place to visit. Their talent and creativity has been featured in many magazines including Downtown Magazine, Country Style, Real Weddings, and on Channel 9’s Better Homes and Gardens.

Botanica Flora Official Website

Botanica Flora Instagram

Affair with George

Image Source: Affair with George

Established by designer Michelle Van Eimeren, Affair with George is a floral design studio that offers beautiful florals for weddings and other types of events. The best part about Affair with George is having the opportunity to work with Michelle, a passionate designer that puts a lot of passion and love into her work. By working closely with her clients, Michelle is able to create evocative floral designs that cherish nature and the changing seasons. Her talent has received a lot of attention as Affair with George has graced the cover of important magazines such as Highlife Magazines, Modern Wedding Flowers, and Wedding Celebrations.

Affair with George Official Website

Affair with George Instagram

Floral Inkc

Image Source: Instagram

Floral Ink is a boutique florist based in the Blue Mountains, servicing the region from Lithgow to Penrith. They focus on creating beautiful floral arrangements and installations and, if you love boutique style as much as we do, you will surely fall in love with their designs. Their great attention to detail and love for nature is a perfect combination that enables them to create amazing installations, floral arrangements, ceremony and reception arrangements, bridal bouquets, and bridal party items.

Floral Ink Official Website

Floral Ink Instagram

The French Petal

Image Source: The French Petal

Heavily featured in Cosmopolitan Bride, Hello May, and Vogue, The French Petal is the passion project of Estelle, a floristry designer with a love for gardening, travel, and the beauty of changing seasons. Her unique approach transpires from her designs. We fell in love with her style and if you are a free spirit that loves flower fairies and nature you will too. Estelle’s studio is always filled with branches, foliage, and scented seasonal blooms, all of which become the most delicate, unique, and full of life arrangements.

The French Petal Official Website

The French Petal Instagram

Bloodwood Botanica

Image Source: Bloodwood Botanica

Specialising in fine art floral design, Bloodwood Botanica is among our favourite floral designers. Based in the Noosa hinterland and led by the talented artist Emilia Spencer-Brown, Bloodwood Botanica strives to create pure and unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Featured by Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Hello May, and having worked with Valentino, Ferrari, and Louis Vuitton, Bloodwood Botanica is not your usual florist. They use their vision and are in a continuous search for beauty, thus imbuing any event with art and magic.

Bloodwood Botanica Official Website

Bloodwood Botanica Instagram

Freak Haus

Image Source: Instagram

Based in Perth and led by head designer and owner Eden who is a powerhouse designer. She loves to work alongside her mascot pups Panko and Tofu, also known as ‘the flower eaters’. Freak Haus is one of the most unique event stylists on the market. Hanging installations, luxurious bridal bouquets, floral arrangements, and ceremony designs, they take care of everything. But you can rest assured that the end results will blow your mind. Their mission is to create epic and show-stopping floral installations and to knock your socks off. They value aesthetics over specifics and they are no strangers to sculptural pieces. If you’re an art lover, you will love them!

Freak Haus Official Website

Freak Haus Instagram

Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Image Source: Casuarina Weddings

Led by Amber and David Gibbons, Mrs Gibbons Flowers is a wedding florist that creates the most romantic and elegant floral pieces that bring life to any bride’s dreams. They focus on creating breath-taking concepts that will bring smiles to people’s faces and tears of joy. Their style is a perfect combination of whimsy, romanticism, and modernism. And former clients often refer to them as ‘magic makers’. Check them out if you want to sprinkle some of their magic on your special event!

Mrs Gibbons Flowers Official Website

Mrs Gibbons Flowers Instagram

Buds and Willow

Image Source: Buds and Willow

Siobhan Harris, the owner and floral designer of Buds and Willow will make your wedding feel like a fairy tale. Her wild and romantic signature style is out of this world. And looks absolutely stunning, especially when combined with a natural setting. Their enchanting arrangements and bouquets are a perfect combination of mystery, delicacy, and beauty. This florist organizes flower crown workshops – which are super dreamy and great pre-wedding events.

Buds and Willow Official Website

Buds and Willow Instagram

The Lillipillian

Image Source: The Lillipillian

Led by Tegan and featured in high-profile magazines such as Vogue Italia, Hello May, Polka Dot Bride, the Lillipillian is a wedding florist with a very unique approach. Perfect for aid-back couples who love fresh flowers, mood lighting, neon signs, and anything eclectic. The Lillipillian is the perfect definition of a hipster florist. Their floral arrangements are inspired by Frida Kahlo’s colour palette and are true works of art.

The Lillipillian Official Website

The Lillipillian Instagram

Botany Green

Image Source: Instagram

Are you sick of boring arse flowers? So is Ben, the creative mind behind Botany Green. Based in Melbourne and Gippsland, this eccentric artist loves love and loves using flowers to create untraditional and mesmerizing art. A big fan of weddings, Ben enjoys playing with colours and textures. Additionally he is a fervent opponent of the colour beige. Botany Green is all about Marriage Equality and their cool vibes are hard to ignore. Whether you are here to find your perfect wedding florist or simply browsing, you should definitely follow him on Instagram.

Botany Green Official Website

Botany Green Instagram

Flowers Across Melbourne

We specialize in flower deliveries in the Melbourne area and we are the easiest to use online florist shop. Flowers Across Melbourne offers affordable rates and focuses on making clients happy through our wide range of flower options for any occasion, including weddings. We are locally owned and operated and we are always ready to deliver the highest-quality fresh flowers. We always ensure that our client’s wedding day is truly special, so the flowers will be delivered successfully and will satisfy all bridal and wedding needs with no effort on our client’s part. By visiting our online shop, you’ll find the most delicate preserved flower confetti, the most elegant buttonholes, and a wide range of dreamy bridal bouquets.

Flowers Across Melbourne Official Website

Flowers Across Melbourne Instagram

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Wedding Florist

The floral arrangements are among the most memorable elements of a wedding. Preceded only by the bridal gown! So it is very important to put some time and effort into finding your perfect wedding florist. Having so many talented designers to choose from might make your decision a bit difficult. But here are some tips that might help.

Don’t rush the process

Make some time to consider your options and browse through the designer’s portfolios to get a good overall sense of their styles. As you might have noticed from our list, the style of each wedding florist is unique – some have a romantic old-timey approach, while others are modern and quirky. The previous work of a wedding florist will paint a good picture of their overall aesthetic and you’ll be able to tell if their vision matches yours.

Be careful about your budget

The first step is to discuss your budget for wedding flowers with your partner to ensure that you are on the same page. Next, be open and honest with your wedding florist. Knowing the extent of your budget will allow them to plan accordingly. Additionally, to tell you early on whether or not they can accommodate your requests. If your budget isn’t huge, it’s best to keep an open mind. If you were dreaming of a certain type of flower that is not in season, your wedding florist might have a better suggestion that will cost less. Seasonal wedding flowers are a great option, they are usually less expensive, will look more authentic, and are just as beautiful.

Create your own mood board

Before you discuss with your favourite wedding florist, it’s recommended to take some time to curate floral inspiration on platforms such as Pinterest. Once you know what your dream wedding should look like, add pictures of flowers and designs to your mood board. This visual brief will be greatly appreciated as it will help your wedding florist understand your needs and preferences. However, an experienced wedding florist might want to do spice things up a bit and use their signature style. Additionally, you should be open to it. After all, you are hiring them because you love their work and appreciate their talent.

Make a list of questions to ask your wedding florist before booking

Seeing so many beautiful flowers can make you forget what you want to ask your florist. A list of important questions might come in handy so here are a few examples.

  • ‘Are you available on our wedding day?’
  • ‘Are you familiar with our venue?’
  • ‘Can you create sample arrangements?’
  • ‘Do you require a minimum budget?’
  • ‘Are you available for a venue walk-through?’
  • ‘Do you have any recommendations to maximize my budget?’
  • ‘Do you provide other décor elements?’, etc.
Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

In Conclusion

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. However choosing the flowers can be a fun and enjoyable experience, especially when you work with a talented wedding florist. We hope you found our suggestions useful, and we are honoured to share the work of these amazing artists. It is important to mention that although this article focuses on weddings, these flower geniuses will create floral art for other types of events as well. Therefore, even if you don’t work with them on your wedding day, don’t forget to follow the ones that you like best on Instagram.

Did you know that we also style for weddings and events? We offer a wide range of buttonholes, maid bouquets, and bridal bouquets. If you are currently looking for a wedding florist, do not hesitate to contact us.

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