Flowers Across Melbourne’s Gift Guide for this Mother’s Day

There is a reason why more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year. Mothers are incredibly special. They are our home for the first nine months of our lives. They are our first source of food and nutrition. And their heartbeat is one of the first sounds we ever hear. 

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The bond between mother and child is often so strong that research has found that the level of distress mothers experience when their child is going through a stressful situation is almost the same as if the mothers themselves were going through that same stressful situation. 

Motherhood is often a lifelong role. But it is also a role that extends beyond biological ties. Mothers come in many different forms, including grandmothers, aunties, sisters, family friends, and even teachers. As Mother’s Day approaches, let’s take a look at all the influential maternal figures across the tapestry of our lives who deserve recognition and appreciation on this special day for nurturing, guiding and loving us.

When is Mother’s Day 2024?

People across all cultures have celebrated mothers for as long as we have been in existence. But the modern version of Mother’s Day that’s now celebrated around the world began in the United States of America in the early 1900s. A woman called Anna Jarvis decided to hold a ceremony in May, a few years after her mother’s death, to honour her mother and the sacrifices that mothers make for their children. 

Every year after that, Jarvis continued to celebrate mothers on the second Sunday of May and, subsequently, after just a few years, most of the states in the US were also doing the same. Anna Jarvis was very skilful at promoting the day and reaching out to corporations and businesses for support.

As a result of Jarvis’s determined campaigning, Mother’s Day was officially recognised in the US in 1914 to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 12th May 2024.

Who to Celebrate on Mother’s Day?

The essence of Mother’s Day is to celebrate the mother figures in our lives. This means all the incredible women who have played an influential role in raising, nurturing, and mentoring us. Below is a short list of all the special women we can honour and appreciate on this day and the fun and unique ways in which we can do so.


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First on the list is, of course, our birth mothers. If you live with your mother, you can’t go wrong with starting off her day magnificently by making (or ordering) her a decadent breakfast chock-full of all of her favourite things. You can add a sweet personal touch by including a handwritten card expressing what she means to you. 

To top it all off, wow her with the Mother’s Day Memories floral bouquet. Bursting with carnations, Oriental lilies, carnations, roses, and camellias, these blooms go a long way to showing her what she means to you.

The mothers who willingly open their hearts, lives, and homes to children who otherwise may not have one deserve major recognition on this day. The epitome of selflessness and sacrifice, adoptive and foster mothers enrich both their own and children’s lives by choosing to raise, nurture, and provide a sense of belonging and security to children who often are unrelated to them.

To honour the adoptive and foster parents in your life on Mother’s Day, send them a warm ray of sunshine in the shape of the Summer Morning Bouquet. Filled with vibrant yellow and orange roses, lilies, and little gem magnolias, this flower bunch will bring a smile to the super parents out there.

Adoptive or Foster Mother

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If you feel that flowers are not enough, consider adding an irresistible box of locally made gourmet milk and dark chocolate truffles to the mix. This is a gift that you can share with your adoptive or foster parent over a nostalgic cup of tea as you reminisce about your antics growing up.


Our second mothers. Unofficial babysitters. Dependable wells of stories, wisdom, hugs, life hacks, encouraging words, and yummy treats. Grandmothers are a treasure and have been the bedrock of many families, often raising multiple generations at a time.

Mother’s Day is a great occasion to finally spoil your grandmother. Surprise her on this special day with the Surprise Pamper Hamper from Flowers Across Melbourne. Delivered right to her doorstep, this hamper is filled with chocolate nibbles, hand creams, and floral bath bombs, among many other self-care items, that will have her feeling the love.


And for a sweet Mother’s Day keepsake, you can include the Sunset Passion bouquet of flowers, which also comes with an elegant clear vase. This gorgeous tropical arrangement made up of roses, chrysanthemums, magnolias, and a Monstera leaf will radiate a sense of summer even during these cooler autumn months.

There are two words synonymous with aunts: fun and cool. Aunts are the best because they are removed from the daily details and routines (and drama) of your immediate family. So, they can swoop in with a fresh perspective, an open mind, and a listening ear… and swoop out just as fast. 

And because of how well they know your parents, aunts can often convince them to see your side of things. This is one of the reasons that makes them great confidantes. Aunts are also great sounding boards for your plans and ideas because they often don’t have a fixed idea of who you are, so they can let you express your true self.

Anyone can be an aunt – from your parents’ siblings to your mother’s best friends. So, put a song in your aunt’s heart this Mother’s Day with the spectacular Mother’s Day Song of My Heart bouquet. This eye-catching arrangement will clearly communicate how much you love and appreciate her.



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If you have an older sister, you know that they’re often like your surrogate mum. In addition to shooing you from their room, they also made sure that you didn’t get into trouble at home and school, defended you from bullies, and put you onto the latest clothes and make-up trends. 

Sisters are usually our first best friends and role models. To express your gratitude, consider sending your sister a scrumptious Surprise Me Hamper. Made up of gourmet sweet and savoury goodies, this hamper will make her feel special. 

And if you have a younger sister who is a mother or maybe plays a significant role in your children’s lives, put a smile on her face by sending her a special Gourmet Mum bouquet that comes with delectable cheese bites, and fig and almond goodies.


It’s not easy being a stepmother. They have to navigate the delicate balance of gaining acceptance within the family while also establishing their boundaries and being careful not to cross the boundaries of others. They have to be sensitive in dealing with stepchildren, plus maybe their biological children, and also their partner’s ex-partner, all the while maintaining respect and understanding. 

As more families become blended, stepmothers play a greater role in our society. And it can often be an emotionally draining and thankless job that requires constant strength and resilience. So, if you have a stepmother, think about sending her a lovely gift this Mother’s Day to let her know that you appreciate all that she does. 

An elegant orchid may be the perfect gift for her to reflect the delicate balancing act that she does. Choose between the pink and white Soaring Orchid or the all-white Indulgent Orchids, both of which are available for same-day delivery anywhere across Melbourne.


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We all know the stereotypes about mothers-in-law. They’re pervasive in most cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. In case you’re not aware of the stereotype, here is a clue: the snake plant, which has long, sword-like leaves, is nick-named the mother-in-law’s tongue. 

But mothers-in-laws are often the glue that joins two families together. In most families, a mother-in-law is a second mother who welcomes and acquaints you with your new family. She can help you understand and connect better with your partner by sharing fun and, of course, embarrassing anecdotes from their childhood. 

Strengthen your bond with your mother-in-law by surprising her with a thoughtful gift from Flowers Across Melbourne. The elegant Pamper Mum gift set consists of a bouquet of baby pink carnations, chrysanthemums, mini gerberas, snapdragons, and viburnum, plus a candle, hand balm, and relaxing bath salts.

Maternal Mentors

There’s a special category of women – be it teachers, coaches, neighbours, or a friend’s mother – who, despite their many responsibilities, still managed to keep a watchful eye on us. They notice when we’re down or seem out of sorts and step in with a soft word, a warm meal, or a ride home.

The kindness and generosity of these women often leads to a change in the trajectories of many people’s lives. Maternal mentors do all of these things without expecting anything in return, not even recognition. It would be great to honour these wonderful guardians of our communities this Mother’s Day with a huge bouquet to say thank you.

The Whispers of Love bouquet is the perfect one for them because their love does whisper, gently and sweetly. Overflowing with orchids, roses, Camelias, and sweet lisianthus, this bouquet reflects the diversity of people from all walks of life and backgrounds that maternal mentors impact.

Single Mothers

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Mother’s Day can be a challenging time for single mums who may not have a partner to share the celebration with. Reach out to the single moms in your life and offer your support and love. First, brighten their day with some flowers. The Mums Day Making Magic will do the trick.

Next, organise a day of pampering and self-care for them by giving them a home spa experience. Set the stage with a Vanilla & Tonka Bean Diffuser, and then let them relax with a Surprise Pamper Hamper. Some hampers include mini alcohol bottles and others that are alcohol-free.

Both hampers have delicious chocolates, bath salts, skin care products, and other fun goodies. THE cherry on top, though, would be to help the single mum take her mind off her responsibilities for the day by offering to babysit for the afternoon.

New Mothers

Many women say that life is never the same after becoming a mother. It’s often an overwhelming time of getting to grips with a myriad of changes, sleepless nights, and caring for a new life.  

So, encourage the new mums in your life this Mother’s Day with a delicious box of chocolate and a thoughtful gift that lets them know that they’re doing a good job. New mothers sometimes also need to be reminded that they’ve got a community that’s there for them and that it’s okay to ask for help when they need it.

The Chocolatier Mixed Selection is a great treat for a new mum, especially with its selection of both dark and milk chocolates. For a thoughtful touch, think about accompanying it with this potted orchid. The lovely thing about orchids is that they have long lifespans, sometimes lasting up to 20 years. And the even greater thing about this orchid in particular, the Phalaenopsis, is that it’s one of the longest blooming of all orchids. So the new mom and baby will be able to enjoy it for many years to come, watching it grow as the baby grows.

Expectant Mothers

Most people forget about expectant mothers on Mother’s Day, but they can be celebrated too! It’s an exciting time for them as they eagerly await the arrival of their little one and imagine their future life as a mum.

It can also be a time of lots of emotions, as hormones do their thing. Let the expectant mothers in your life know that you’re thinking of them by sending them a lovely Mother’s Day Mixed Pastels bouquet. This beautiful arrangement of chrysanthemums with soothing pastel colours will evoke a sense of calm and relaxation needed during this time.

And if you want to knock her socks off, get her this pregnancy soak. Crafted from a unique blend of herbs, flowers, oils, and nutrients, it’s made just for expectant mothers to soothe their pregnancy-related aches and pains. 

Pet Mums

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And finally, to the dedicated pet mums who consider their fur babies part of the family. Mother’s Day is a special day for them too. For many of them, pets are a source of comfort and companionship. The great thing about pets is that they’re never in a bad mood and are always up for cuddles. 

Send the pet mums you know a Mum’s Day Florist Choice bouquet this Mother’s Day. Since pets are allergic to some flowers, such as lilies, with this option, the experts at Flowers Across Melbourne will help you assemble the perfect, pet-friendly bouquet. Be sure to note the kind of pet that the intended recipient of the bouquet has. 

And don’t forget to send something for the fur baby as well! This Kitty Stick Squeaker or grab rattle could make a fun play toy for their little companion. And for warm bedtime snuggles, this soft stuffed bunny fits the bill perfectly.

What to Write on a Mother’s Day Card

For some reason, our minds always go blank when it’s time to write a card. Below are a few ideas on what you can say in your Mother’s Day card; however try to personalise your message to reflect your relationship with the person you’re writing to. Also, relax… it doesn’t have to be an essay, even an “I love you so much,” can be enough.

  • Express your gratitude
    • Thank You for Everything: “Thank you for your endless love and support throughout the years. I am truly grateful.”
  • Keep it simple and loving
    • Happy Mother’s Day: “Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day filled with love and all the happiness you deserve. I’m so thankful to have you in my life.”
  • Be sentimental
    • For Always Being There: “Thank you for always being there for me, through the good times and the bad. Your unwavering support means the world to me.”
  • Take a walk down memory lane
    • You can remind them of a special moment or funny incident that you shared.
  • Poetic
    • If you have poetic talents, write a little poem that expresses how you feel.


When we think of our mothers, we think of love, support, comfort, and sacrifices throughout our lives. Mums are synonymous with warmth and comfort, and deep feelings of affection and tenderness that often can’t be put into words.

And of course, Mother’s Day extends beyond celebrating biological mothers. It’s about recognising and appreciating all the mother figures in our lives that have guided, supported, inspired and loved us in different ways.

So, on this Mothers’ Day, make sure to take a moment to let all the mothers in your life  know what they mean to you.

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