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Apologising With Flowers

How To Apologise With Flowers We’re not here to judge or ponder the context behind your actions. We just want to help you with your apology the best way we know how: flowers! From the sweetest expression of affection…

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Discover the magic of a Butterfly Garden

What are the most beautiful and delicate creatures on Earth? If you answered BUTTERFLIES without thinking twice, you’ve come to the right place! The best way to observe these colourful insects and to live in perfect harmony with them…


Growing Bromeliads: Everything you need to know

Native to the tropical Americas, Bromeliads are great exotic plants to grow indoors and outdoors. With proper care, anyone can grow them. Beginner and experienced gardeners alike can grow happy and healthy Bromeliads. But for a long time, these…


Growing Daffodils: Everything you Need to Know

There aren’t too many people who don’t like daffodils. They’re pretty and tend to leave people feeling a bit brighter.  So it’s no wonder that lots of people want to grow them in their garden.  And if you’re one…


Growing Chrysanthemums: The Definitive Guide

Chrysanthemums are a popular plant to grow at home. And it’s clear to see why; they have beautiful looking flowers and can add some bright colours to any garden. While they aren’t the trickiest to grow, like all plants,…


Birth Month Flowers & their Meanings

You remember the good old Nature vs. Nurture debate? You know, the one where people believe that environment or nurture made them who they are, while others argue it was the power of flowers or nature? Allow me to…


Amazing Fields of Flowers

Treat yourself to the beauty of theses Amazing fields of flowers! From monotone deserts that transform overnight into kaleidoscopes of colour to magical bluebell carpeted forests straight from a fairytale. Let us take your eyes on a journey of…

Still Life with Flowers in a Greek Vase, Irina,

The Comprehensive History of Flower Arranging

The Egyptian Period ca. 2800 BCE – 28 BCE Ancient Egyptian floristry is one of the four types of historical floristry that make up the Classical Period of design style. It was discovered through wall and tomb decorations and…

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Introducing – Bloom Treats

Welcome to our fun, delicious and eye-pleasing range of Bloom Treats Satisfy: We have some beautiful bold native flowers in Australia and we also have some really nice chocolates. Aussie natives contrasted with the smoothness of soft Mar’s Bars…