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The Best Lunar New Year Flowers to Gift

Bright lights, colourful lanterns, parades, music, and the night air punctuated with the sounds of firecrackers flashing across the sky! Lunar New Year is one of the most exciting events of the year. Lunar New Year consists of fifteen…

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48 Blue Flowers from Around the World

A survey conducted by YouGov offices around the world found that blue is the most popular colour in ten countries across four continents. While this cool and refreshing hue is well-loved in the world, it is not common for…

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Orchids from around the world

There’s something special about orchids – a beauty and presence that catches your eye.  Orchids are amongst the most popular flowers worldwide – at last count, there were well over over 29,000 orchid species, and over 32,000 named orchids.…

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The Australian Wattle Tree – A National Treasure

It’s the bold Golden Wattle (or Acacia Pycnantha) that perhaps represents the spirit of Australia, unlike any other plant. Its bright gold and green have become our national colours. We’ve written songs and poems about it. Its flowers are…