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Flowers Across Australia Celebrate ZeDay With Zero Waste Bouquets

In celebration of Zero Emissions Day, Flowers Across Melbourne launch the Zero Waste Bouquet – a brand first featuring locally grown native flowers, kraft paper packaging, and a biodegradable and compostable bag. Coinciding with the launch of Flowers Across Brisbane by the end of 2021, it marks a shift in focus towards a defined range of products, alongside an upbeat vibe, sustainable culture and more eco-friendly alternatives like Zero Waste Bouquets.

“Brisbane is a natural step of expansion for the Flowers Across team. We are excited to brighten up the shores of Brisbane with our fresh flower delivery service and our very first steps into adding zero waste emission products to our website,” said Director at Flowers Across Melbourne Rob Lambert.

“Locally sourcing native flowers means a lower carbon footprint as natives are suited to the Australian climate and need very little irrigation or intervention with chemicals or fertilisers. They grow well here because they are adapted to the Australian environment.

“By changing the packaging to 100% recyclable and compostable, our customers can enjoy their beautiful flowers without any guilt about the plastic that they’re wrapped in.”

According to the ABS, households generate roughly 15.3 million tonnes of organic waste, with only 42% recycled. Coupled with 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste, where only 9% was sent for recycling (227,000 tonnes), it’s clear that more can be done to curb Australia’s waste and emissions issues.

A recent report by AEAS as part of the ‘The Economic Contribution of the Australian, Organics Recycling Industries revealed that proper organics recycling businesses would provide over 4,000 extra jobs paying $309 million in livelihood to everyday Australians. An additional 3.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions would be saved, equivalent to if 5 million trees were planted and roughly 740,000 cars taken off the road each year.

We’ve also increased our dried flower product offering, with over 140 unique bouquets and arrangements, following a “considerable increase in interest over the last 12 months,” which Rob attributes to “influencer posts on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.”

“It made sense for us to deliver on a product that is highly sought after. Dried flowers make a beautiful everlasting gift, and we are proud to be able to deliver flowers right to the customer’s doorstep.”

Delivering the best bouquets and arrangements to your loved ones from a warehouse location in Preston, Flowers Across Melbourne, along with Flowers Across Australia, allow anyone in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia to receive beautifully decorative and eco-friendly flower bouquets directly via post straight to your door!

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