Flower Art by Love Limzy

What happens if you combine the natural beauty of flowers with the unique talents of a visual artist?

Limzy ProfileWe first noticed the stunning work of Lim Zhi Wei via social media and were mesmerised by how she can transform flowers that are already near perfect into flawless works of art. Lim Zhi Wei, who also goes by the pseudonym and childhood nickname Limzy, graduated from the Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) in 2011 where she majored in western painting. Like most great artists, Limzy started at the early age of 4 and since then she has become a multi talented artist who is regarded highly throughout the Visual Arts world.

ArtLimzy was born in the coastal city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and moved to Singapore at the age of 16 where she first studied Fine Art. After Graduating Limzy began teaching art to children where she enjoyed the way in which children viewed the world differently to adults. Limzy first shared her artwork on social media that was meant for her family and friends overseas. Lucky for us, the pictures took off and everyone we talk to who has seen Limzy’s work loves it!

Prepare your eyes for something special and continue down the page to view a  small collection of Limzy’s creations.

Let us know what you think!

Celosia Flower

Dance! This tango-inspired red flare dress was made from a single Cockscomb flower.

Eustoma Flower

Flutterby. A pink gown made from a round bouquet of Eustoma.

Yellow Rose Flower

There is no other love as noble as a mother’s love. Yellow rose

Gypsophila Baby's Breath

Pearl of the Orient. Made from a folded fan and dyed baby’s breath.

Rose Red

Ladybird in rose red.

Black Rose

Maleficent. Made from black dyed rose.

Blue Rose

Saturated dyed blue roses with hints of white acrylic paint.

White Rose

A couple of white rose bunnies.

Calla Lillies

Sisters. Made from Calla lilies and watercolour on paper

Red Roses

Stag Beetle Fighting. Made from wilted red roses

White wedding Roses

‘The day you marry, I will give you to him, but forever know my little girl you will always be.’

Rose of Sharon

Break. Inspired by a Dancer’s posture at rest. Made from a single Rose of Sharon.

Moth Orchid Flowers

Ballerina in Motion, performing an incredible grand jete jump. Made from vibrant Moth orchids

Carnation Guppies

mixed bouquet

Happy Lunar New Year of the Goat! A fluffy goat made of a mixed bouquet.

She’s amazing right?!

Thank you for taking a look, we know you love her work too, so for more of Limzy, check out her website and connect with her via social media.

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All of the above photo’s were used by Flowers Across Melbourne with permission from Limzy and are subject to Copyright ©

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