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Flowers Across™ partners with Good Empire for its Eco Initiatives

Earth Hour is an annual environmental initiative. A time where millions of people across the globe make a pact to switch off their lights for 60 minutes. Although it’s more than that, it’s a commitment to shaping our future by reducing our impact on the environment. 

Founded in Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has become the largest global grassroots movement for the environment. For Australians this movement will take place at 8.30pm Saturday 26 March. From which we’ll be joined by the world’s biggest landmarks. Such as the Empire State Building, London Bridge and our very own Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as a symbolic display of their commitment to the planet.

Present actions have long-term impacts on future generations. Practising environmental sustainability ensures that we make choices that deliver a safe and livable future for everyone. Environmental sustainability is a priority to the Flower Across business and individuals involved.

“Flowers literally grow from the earth, so we have a responsibility to help protect that. Not just because it’s our livelihood. Because flowers are a source of beauty and connection.”

Rob Lambert, Flowers Across Founder.

Flowers Across™ Mission

The Flowers Across™ mission is to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable functioning business that values the community and the land around us. In fact, the targets are to make the warehouse’s as eco-friendly as possible. While providing our customers high quality, beautiful deliveries they deserve. 

As part of this mission, the team at Flowers Across™ have partnered with Good Empire. An organisation dedicated to uniting and empowering individuals and organisations to ‘help save the f**king world’. In the hands of an individual, Good Empire is a social app that challenges users to level up for people and the planet. Additionally, this platform inspires, empowers, and rewards those who unite and take action in missions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Users can participate in global challenges, track and share their progress. 

Large enterprises, small businesses, schools, clubs, government organisations, nonprofits. Companies of all sizes can harness the Good Empire platform to engage their people and level up their impact. And users – employees, students, customers, everyone- use the app in the same way as the rest of the community. With access also to their organisation’s goals and challenges.  

“As a company, we want to make the world a more thoughtful place through lovely deliveries and Good Empire helps our team engage in new ideas and creative outlets that we can thoughtfully support and even promote protecting and nurturing people, nature and justice at large”

– Jess, Flower Across™ (People & Culture). 

Community Garden Challenge

Flowers Across™ has joined the Community Garden Challenge. The team locates, films, and drops a note of encouragement into lovely local gardens with the intent to encourage and draw awareness to the role bees play in maintaining our ecosystem. For every video uploaded to the Good Empire app, Flowers Across™ donates $5 to the Wheen Bee Foundation. Additionally, this foundation aims to plant flowers & trees. An initiative aimed at helping endangered bee species and enabling lovely gardens and the earth’s ecosystem to flourish.

Pilot Program and Flowers Across™

Flowers Across™ is one of the first organisations to join the Good Empire Pilot Program. One of only 23 organisations part of this very first test stage leading the way for future partnerships. “We’re super excited to be partnering with Flowers Across as one of our first Pilot Program partners. Jess and the team have been wonderful to work with, the culture they’ve built is obviously strong and connected, and values-aligned. They’re paving the way for how to bring environmental, social and good governance to life throughout their whole organisation. We’re all inspired by the team as they take action in their challenges, it’s wonderful to witness and support!” – Andre Eikmeier, Founder, CEO

Eco Initiatives

On an internal scale, Flowers Across™ have assessed current practices and are exploring sustainable options across the range of products. In fact, an eco flagship initiative is currently underway with the launch of the new Brisbane branch ‘Flowers Across Brisbane’. The team have introduced new sustainable options as one of our guiding principles, which is called ‘Eco-Beautiful™’. Factors such as bio degradable wraps and packaging that are more sustainable for both bouquets and boxed arrangements. Foam bricks are one product that florists use that can have an adverse environmental impact. The team have replaced these with wool based bricks which won’t break down into micro plastics that are damaging to our marine life and human life. Additionally, the team have sourced eco-friendly ribbon and coloured paper. These assets use earth friendly dyes, to maintain beauty whilst helping the environment.

The goal for Flowers Across Brisbane is to create a zero waste flower experience where any bouquet or arrangement sent out can be safely composted or reused. In fact, short term plans are in place for recycled plastic wraps that can be reusable. As well as sourcing products from local makers that have an element of sustainability in their product or packaging. 

With ambitious goals to reduce our environmental impact and create a sustainable future for the generations beyond us, Flowers Across™ are challenging the industry and individuals to take action this Earth Hour by switching off your lights and making conscious decisions that can help our planet. 

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