The Best Influencers for Garden Lovers

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just getting started on your gardening journey, you can always use some inspiration. Exploring content from some of the top gardeners can introduce you to new plants and growing techniques as well as help you solve any issues you’re having with your plants.

We’ve created a list of 26 of the best gardening influencers to keep you company as you work in your garden or dream about your green oasis. The list covers people from all over the world, so there’s bound to be someone that’s growing in a similar climate as you. Plus you can learn something from every person on this list by looking at their brilliant photos.

Kevin Espiritu

Kevin started gardening and sharing his love for plants back in 2011 and now has followers in over a hundred countries. His no-nonsense, how-to gardening tips are easy to follow – in plain English so to speak. From how to not kill your houseplants to creating a peaceful garden with chamomile, there are lots of fantastic and inspiring ideas on his social media channels.

We’ve picked this one not just because of his practical tips but also because of his cool podcasts talking about hydroponics, aquaponics, and his plant reviews. They are great resources for anybody looking to grow their green thumb.

Monty Don

A committed organic gardener, Monty is one of the UK’s most prominent and well respected garden writers, author, and broadcasters.

Back in 1991 he started transforming a relatively barren piece of land in Herefordshire into the magnificent Longmeadow gardens they are today. You can follow this amazing journey on his website and the changing of seasons on his insta pages. His photographs beautifully capture the many varieties of flowers as well as plants and vegetables. You will be inspired!

Jere Gettle

The name says it all, Rare Seeds offers one of the biggest selections of heirloom seeds from the 19th century. Not surprisingly, its founder, Jere Gettle started his first garden patch when he was only 3 years old and has since developed Baker Creek and the Rare Seeds Company to ‘promote and preserve our agricultural and culinary heritage and bring gardeners, homesteaders and natural food enthusiasts together’.

You will find an exciting and broad range of flower seeds on his website or in his seed catalogue, with excellent, detailed descriptions.

Nicole Burke

Although it’s got its name from Garden + Ordinary = GARDENARY, there is nothing ordinary about gardening coach, author, and consultant Nicole Burke’s fab platform to progress gardeners from growing their own herbs to planting their very own victory garden.

Gardenary promises to remove the confusion for aspiring home gardeners and offers coaching and courses alongside gorgeous photos, ideas and tips, guest blogs, short videos, before and after stories and more. A beautifully presented treasure trove of inspiration and resources for all flower lovers.

Humans Who Grow Food

This one provides quite a different take on flower gardening. It is a great source of motivation from the people behind gardens, fields of flowers and farms across the globe.

Read about the personal journeys of accidental gardeners, green thumbs and flower lovers from India, Serbia, Norway, Scotland and many more. Delve into the world of allotment, community, container, and backyard gardens.

Join the growing community of citizens striving to create green sanctuaries and promote sustainable living worldwide.

The Home Garden

Although the Home Garden people tend to focus on the organic edible garden and growing your own produce, their site offers a fantastic range of resources, from how to prepare your garden to beneficial insects and pest and disease control. Some sections are for subscribers only, but we feel that flower gardeners regardless of where they are will benefit from the Home Garden social media channels and website.

There is an active FB group as well as regular insta posts to promote seasonal plants and edible flowers and share ideas.

Jean-Martin Fortier

This one seems perhaps to be the odd one out at first glance, but we’ve included it in our list because it offers a different viewpoint on gardening and farming in general.

JM Fortier is an enthusiastic farmer and entrepreneur and an active supporter of small-scale organic growers; of agriculture that is in his own words ‘human-scale, ecological and nourishing for communities’. In that sense, his platforms and courses offer fresh thinking around what it means to be an organic grower and extends the recognition organic gardeners and farmers deserve.

Lucy Hutchings

In a former life, Lucy Hutchings was a successful jewellery designer and her eye for art, beauty and design definitely shines through all of her media channels. Beautiful photography, her funky YouTube videos and her own lovely garden plot and love for rare seeds and unusual edibles has made her gain quite the following among the gardening community.

You will find a lot of practical tips especially for small gardens but also some lovely ideas for flower arrangements and seasonal displays.

Jessica Sowards

The Sowards have created a wonderful series of podcasts and blogs following life on the homestead, the ups and downs of a family of six and the seasonal changes on their farm in Arkansas. For them it is all about the simple life, about family, faith, and food in the Sowards household. They let you be part of their journey from the first eggs their hens produced to cooking with (homegrown) sweet potatoes and everything in between.

An inspirational diary for any lover of plants and flowers and the simple life.

Gayla Trail

Since the launch of her site in 2010, Gayla has been offering a laidback and creative approach to organic gardening. She combines practical methods and tips with art and humour and promotes gardening to be fun, environmentally friendly and exploring non-traditional ideas.

She sees gardening as a connection to life. In her books and media channels she promotes everything from DIY garden and art projects to growing from seeds and container gardening. Well worth a read for any urban flower lover and a lovely insight into her own urban jungle garden.

Tanya Anderson

Her mantra is straightforward: live simply, grow your own, make natural things. Her website, insta page and YouTube videos are a great source of inspiration and information – even for making your own soaps, lotions, and potions from your flower garden. Tanya also shares her ideas and tips on how to use plants creatively at home.

Get inspired by her enthusiasm for organic gardening, bee keeping and green living and enjoy the wonderful view of her garden and blooms throughout the seasons on the Isle of Man.

Jesse Frost

This is yet another interesting and visionary take on contemporary farming practices. It is perhaps less focused on the home gardener and flower lover but offers a raft of interesting contributions through podcasts, guest interviews and articles around soil and improving regenerative farming practices. And that can surely only be a good thing for any gardener.

From composting and mulching to cooperative farming models and interplanting strategies, you will find a wealth of knowledge on these pages. Check out their experimental ideas – feedback more than welcome.

Sarah Raven

This is a real treasure trove for all the flower lovers out there. Since the late 1990’s Sarah Raven has been running gardening, cooking as well as flower arranging courses from her farm Perch Hill in East Sussex.

Her channels provide a personal and passionate account of a gardener and her love for flowers shines through in everything she does and shares, from companion planting tips, to seasonal gardening jobs to floristry garden kits. Ifthese stories and the beautiful photography don’t inspire you to start your own flower garden, nothing will.

Adam Frost

Adam Frost is a talented horticulture designer creating and transforming gardens in Lincolnshire, UK. His Instagram feed is filled with photos of idyllic gardens that help you feel at peace and remind you to get outside and enjoy the simple delights present in your own garden.

Along with providing resources on his Instagram page, Adam also includes information in his book How to Create Your Garden and offers Garden School classes at his lush 3-acre garden. If you want to create a garden retreat of your own, don’t miss Adam’s work.

Meg Cowden

If you’re looking to start growing your own food or learn more about the process, don’t miss Meg’s project Seed to Fork. Meg takes you along with her as she strives to grow healthy produce for her family. Her honest reflections and insight into her garden make you feel like you’re gardening alongside her and remind you you’re not the only one facing gardening related challenges.

Meg is located in Minnesota in the US, so you’ll find her content particularly helpful if you’re growing in a colder climate.

Andrew and Sharon

This middle-aged couple takes you along with them as they grow and cook their own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Their Instagram feed is filled with photos of bright veggies as well as images that show helpful information such as plant spacing and seed starting.

Andrew and Sharon are located in Durham, UK, and they grow on an allotment as well as a kitchen garden in their backyard. So, they’re great to follow if you’re working with a small or large plot of land.

Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy

This duo — dubbed the land gardeners — brings a lot to the table. They design gardens, educate and research ecologically-sound growing practices, and operate a certified organic cut-flower garden in Oxfordshire, UK. If you want to be inspired by jaw-dropping flowers or learn about soil health and biodynamics, make sure to check these ladies out.

Their Instagram feed is filled with photos of gorgeous blooms and meticulously manicured gardens as well as tidbits about compost and soil microbes. If you’d like to learn more from Henrietta and Bridget, you can check out their online talks and courses or read their book The Land Gardeners Cut Flowers.

Paula Thomas

Paula’s garden in Washington, US is filled with beautiful vegetables as well as beehives and a small flock of laying hens. She shares photos of her bountiful harvests, which include a number of unusual crop varieties. If you’re looking to expand the selection of crops in your garden, make sure to follow Paula.

Not only does Paula include information about her harvest, but she also shares recipes and detailed notes about crop varieties on her website. Her writing serves as inspiration in both the kitchen and the garden.


Luay got his start on Instagram, where he shares stunning displays of his kitchen garden and harvests. His photos alone are enough to convince you to try growing your own food. But Luay also provides guidance with helpful notes about pests, planting times, and crop maintenance. He’s located in Toronto, Canada, so you’ll find his information especially helpful if you’re growing in a colder region.

Luay started his website in 2019, and he uses it to write longer posts about topics including seed starting and choosing tomato varieties. He also posts recipes utilizing his produce and has a small online store where you can purchase spices, fertilizers, and t-shirts.

Anne Wareham

Anne manages the magnificent Veddw House Garden just outside of Bristol in the UK. She uses her horticultural skills to manage two acres of ornamental gardens and two acres of woodlands in a way that is visually pleasing but not stuffy. Some of the garden’s highlights include impressive hostas, a Reflecting Pool, and flower meadows.

Anne’s Instagram feed includes photos of Veddw plants as well as tidbits of her daily life. She doesn’t include much text with the images, but the photos alone can serve as a takeoff point for your own garden. Ann has also written a few books including The Bad Tempered Gardener and The Deckchair Gardener. She is also the editor of thinkinGardens.

Timothy Hammond

Timothy grows vegetables in urban Houston with unrivaled passion and joy. If you scroll through his Instagram feed or blog, chances are good his contagious enthusiasm will encourage you to get out in your own garden.

Timothy mixes photos of his own garden’s progress with helpful posts about topics such as growing in a small space and managing your soil. If you want to get more detailed information about how he grows, you can check out his blog posts. Since he’s growing in a hot climate, his content is helpful to learn about planting dates and pests for warmer areas.

Paul Gautschi

Paul operates a no-till, organic garden on the coast of Washington in the US. With 50+ years of experience as an organic gardener and arborist, he shares his pursuit of growing food in a way that nature intended in a film titled Back to Eden. If you’re interested in compost, no-till, and croprotation, you’ll want to follow Paul.

Today, Paul continues to post information via his website and Instagram page. His Instagram feed is filled with colorful garden photos and helpful information regarding harvest and growing methods.

Joe Lamp’l

Joe is the host and executive producer of the Emmy-winning PBS show Growing a Greener World. On his website, he shares even more information about growing your own food through blog posts and free guides. He covers everything from how to save tomato seeds to how to control Japanese beetles. If you want a more structured learning environment, Joe also offers a number of paid courses.

Joe produces helpful videos that he publishes on both Instagram and his website. And if you want to learn on the go, you can check out his podcast The Joe Gardener Show.

Nick Cutsumpas

If you’re living in a small apartment in a city, Nick is someone you want to follow. He shares how you can introduce gardening and plants into your life no matter how much space you have to work with. Nick explains how to care for houseplants and vegetables in a fun and humorous way, and he even offers plant coaching sessions to help you find the perfect plant for your space.

He doesn’t shy away from including some goofy selfies on his Instagram feed, which makes you feel like you’re learning alongside a friend. Nick also co-founded Essential Farmers, an organization working to connect volunteers and farmworkers to farms that need an extra hand.

Chloe Thomson

Chloe works with Melissa King to bring a retro style to the world of garden education. These ladies, dubbed The Gardenettes, produce videos covering outdoor gardens and indoor plants. They’re based in Melbourne, Australia, but their information is helpful to those all over the world.

Their Instagram feed includes snippets of their videos as well as photos of their gardens and harvests. Not only are these two knowledgable gardeners, but they also know their way around the kitchen, as evidenced by their stellar recipes.


Alex operates a market garden near Essex and also manages an allotment where he educates the public about growing their own food. His Instagram feed is filled with photos of the soil and plants in his new market garden, so he’s perfect to follow if you’re looking to expand your garden into a larger area.

To get a more detailed look into the Essex Allotment Farm, check out Alex’s vlog on YouTube. He brings you along on his journey through the seasons while explaining subjects like battling weeds and choosing what seeds to plant.

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