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Top 5 Things To Do during the Melbourne Lockdown

Have you streamed so many series and movie marathons during the Melbourne lockdown that you’re mixing up all the characters and stories? And does the idea of baking bread and playing board games make you want to take a nap? Well, we’ve got a few fun ideas of things you can do while keeping safe at home.

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Although there are hopes the lockdown will be short lived across Victoria, less than 50% of the population has been fully vaccinated. At this stage, government advice is advising it is safer to stay at home for now until further notice.

So, in this article, we’ll share the top 5 things to do in the lockdown that will keep you feeling energized and excited about your day. But this is a list with a difference. It features mostly independent Australian businesses with excellent products that, given the current state of the economy, would value our support. Whether you’re a young, single woman in your 20s and 30s or you’re married with kids, we’ve got you covered.

1. Make or Order a Meal in Melbourne’s Lockdown That You’ve Always Wanted to Have

Do you have that one meal that you have always wanted to try but have just never got around to it? Well, this is the perfect time to do so! 


Third Wave Cafe

If you are in the mood for a hearty meal, such as a triple stack of pancakes topped with pulled pork, candy bacon, and fried egg and many other equally, if not more, filling dishes then check out the Third Wave Cafe. Operating as a cafe in the daytime and a BBQ restaurant at night, it has an incredibly varied and a 4.3 rating on Google from 2,300 reviews. It offers delivery and pick-up options, as well as a number of great meal deals.

Person holding a burger
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This eatery has a unique offer perfectly tailored for the Melbourne lockdown. They provide customers with the option of partially pre-cooking some of their famous dishes then delivering them right to your doorstep for you to finish. It’s a great way to make your food exactly how you want it, without needing to do too much work.

Vegan and Vegetarian 

Del’s Cooking Twist

If you are looking for a fun, bonding activity to do with your loved ones with a delicious reward at the end, look no further than this fantastic website for some truly inspiring recipes. Featuring mouthwatering recipes, such as grilled veggie gyros and spicy tomato risotto with burrata cheese, as well as an array of luscious desserts, including lemon oil loaf cake (not bread!) and zucchini chocolate chip cookies, you will definitely leave with a recipe or four.

Vegan chickpea and lentil tacos
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Melbourne Vegan Eats

However, if you’re a vegan or lactose intolerant, follow Melbourne Vegan Eats for heaps of exciting and delectable ideas for vegan food.

2. At-Home Manicure and Pedicure / Spa

What’s better than a relaxing manicure and pedicure after a satisfying meal? A great way to pamper yourself – or to be pampered – and a fun bonding activity for the whole family, check out these sites to put together the perfect home DIY manicure and pedicure kit. 

Foot Massager

A most relaxing way to start the pampering process, a foot massager is an essential item for the kit. The Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager or the HoMedics Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath are a good place to start. Be warned, however, given how soothing foot massagers are, the spa experience may begin and end here.

Foot Scrub

Next, scrub the dead skin from your feet and heels with your own homemade foot scrub. Treehugger has four effortless recipes using everyday ingredients that you can find in your home. 

Nail Polish

After clipping, filing, and buffing your nails to your satisfaction, put on a coat of your favourite nail colour. Picture Polish has a wide selection of affordable, vegan nail polish that is also cruelty-free. They also provide free shipping on orders above $50. 

Different colors of Nail Polish in different fingers
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3. Put A New Outfit Together

Treat yourself with a pair of new shoes, sunglasses, or a whole outfit. And if you are on a budget, you could even learn to make your own pieces. You may not be spending much time outdoors, but you can still look as fabulous as you want to be, even if it’s just for your own benefit or for the next video chat you have with your besties.


This wonderfully cute store features the handmade designs of many independent Australian designers and sells everything from beautiful dresses, purses, pants, and cardigans to candles, mugs, chocolate, and tea.


To get your shoe fix, check out Bared. Founded by a podiatrist, this store’s extensive selection of shoes seeks to make you look good while feeling comfortable. Bared is also actively invested in environmental conservation and has partnered with an Australian non-profit to plant native trees to do its part in reducing the problem of carbon emissions.

Bailey Nelson

If you’re a connoisseur of sunglasses, then this is the store for you. This stylish and quirky shop sells unique pairs of sunglasses and promises to find the right ones for you. And as proof of this, it even has the option of virtually trying on any of the sunglasses in their shop to see if they suit you or not. 

4. Dancing – Get Moving to the Latest Hits or Oldies

Now that you look good, it’s time to feel good with a bit of singing and dancing. An excellent way to get your body moving while stuck indoors with the Melbourne lockdown, you can choose to either hook up a microphone to your speakers or simply sing-along to lyric videos on YouTube. Never has the phrase “dance like no one is watching” been as fitting as it is during this time. So let loose and get your adrenaline and endorphins going!

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This is a fun and shiny karaoke microphone with LED lights and many other features, including a Bluetooth speaker, recording device, and FM radio. With this microphone, you are guaranteed a fun afternoon belting out your favourite tunes in front of your imaginary fans.

Woman singing with Karaoke Microphone
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5. Send Love During Lockdown With Plants, Fresh Flowers and Hampers

One of the best ways of making people feel loved and to let them know that you are thinking of them during the Melbourne lockdown is through thoughtful gifts, such as plants or flowers. And Flowers Across Melbourne has just the right floral arrangements for every occasion. 

Flowers to gift during lockdown

With beautiful bouquets of tulips, roses, and sunflowers, and plants of all shapes and sizes, including orchids and parlour palms, Flowers Across Melbourne has something for everybody. They even have gift hampers with chocolates for sugar lovers and a bottle of wine or rosé for anyone with good news or who simply needs cheering up. 

So what now?

We may not know when exactly this pandemic will be well and truly over – it may stay with us for quite some time to come – and so in the meantime, let’s not waste our energy on what we can’t change, but instead focus on the things we do have control over, such as how we spend our time, taking care of ourselves, and showing our love during the Melbourne lockdown. 

To find out more about all the other fantastic gifts and offers that Flowers Across Melbourne has available, have a look through our range here.

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