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Why Personalised Notes Are More Powerful, Intimate, and Impactful

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Humans have been communicating for thousands of years, but it has only taken a few decades for modern technology to dominate the realm of written communication. In this digital age, it almost feels like communication itself is under attack. Why write a letter to your friend to learn of the goings-on in their life when you can simply look at their latest Facebook status instead?

Though there’s a wide variety of digital platforms at your disposal, personalised notes, cards, and letters are far from dead. In fact, sending a physical, personalised note or card will beat a text message for virtually any occasion. Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t completely discount sending notes and cards just yet, as well as a few tips to help you write more of them yourself.

The Intangible Impact of Personalised Notes

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There’s a reason people still send out wedding invitations instead of e-vites and pass birthday cards around the office for everyone to sign: personalised notes are infinitely more personal and intimate than a digital message.

Emails and text messages are efficient, yes, but they don’t demonstrate how much you value another person. Receiving a personalised note is an event in and of itself. Since so few people actually send letters anymore, when you open your mailbox and find something there, it’s almost like getting a present. No number of likes on your latest Instagram post can beat that feeling!
A personalised note says more than the actual message does. It says that you care enough about this person to share your feelings with them and them alone. These missives can’t be mass-produced or auto-generated the way digital messages can. This effort, time, and care are exactly what makes them so special to receive.

Thank You Notes

Whether it’s treating a friend to dinner or giving your significant other the perfect anniversary gift, everyone enjoys being acknowledged and appreciated by others. When someone takes their precious time and hard-earned money to buy you a present, perform a service for you, or even share a random act of kindness, you should do your best to show how much you appreciate it.

A verbal or digital thank you is a good start, but nothing tops a thank you card. Sending a thank you note is more than just saying “thanks.” It’s an expression of gratitude, a reciprocal action that shows how much you appreciate the gesture. Giving someone a thank you card shows that you would do the same for them, even though you didn’t get them a gift.

Heartfelt Messages

Many people demonstrate that personalised notes carry more weight by sending them to acknowledge major life events, like a graduation or the birth of a child. A personalised message responding to a noteworthy event in someone’s life shows the recipient that this occurrence is important enough to warrant a card.

There’s something so wonderfully permanent about seeing a message in print instead of on a screen. You could look at the exact same message in a card and on a screen, and it’s always more meaningful when it’s on paper. On your phone, that heartfelt message will soon be replaced by more mundane activities, like checking your work mail or looking up a bus schedule.

When a heartfelt message is printed in a card or note, it can be kept forever. The note acts as a keepsake of that point in time, allowing the recipient to recall the special event, the kind words, and the fact that you wanted to be a part of a significant moment in their life.

Write More Notes: When and Where to Craft Personalised Notes

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While not as convenient as a text message, it’s not that difficult to start crafting more notes for the loved ones in your life. You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion to get started! Here are some tips for when, where, and how you can craft personalised notes:

Include Notes with Gifts

Cards and presents go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, how often did your parents insist you read the card first when opening birthday presents as a child?

It doesn’t matter what the occasion or actual gift is. Simply include a personalised note with it. You could try:

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box for each gift you give!

Leverage Sticky Notes

Instead of a text message or comment on social media, use sticky notes to leave reminders or kind words for someone. There are dozens of different sizes, shapes, and colours available, so don’t hesitate to try something new.

Leave them in various places for someone else to find them, and get creative with your hiding spots! It would be fun to see how long it took the recipient to find your message. In addition, don’t limit yourself to important reminders or necessary information, like a short grocery list or a heads up about an appointment. Include messages of affirmation, appreciation, and affection, too.


Traditionally, people only send postcards when they travel. But why not send some from home? Grocery stores and bookshops often stock local postcards. Sending a postcard from home is a great way to let someone know that you’re thinking of and missing them. You don’t have to get too fancy or lengthy here, either, for your loved one to feel appreciated.


Pre-printed cards are great but don’t forget the classic simplicity of writing a letter. You could either send a personalised letter to your friend out of the blue or ask someone if they’d be interested in being your pen pal. It doesn’t have to be pages long (unless you have a lot to say), and it’s a great way to invite someone to have a longer, personalised conversation.

Tips for Sending More Personalised Notes and Letters

Red postal box on brick wall next to window with planter box and flowers

Whether there’s a special occasion coming up or you’re just excited to start writing letters, it’s time to put your plan into action! Set yourself up for success by gathering all the necessary supplies and working on getting in the habit of writing by hand. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Keep Blank Note Cards Handy

It’s tricky to send more notes if you don’t have anything to write them on. Stock up on cards and tags. Get blank ones that you can customize yourself or look for the perfect pre-designed set. Either way, get a substantial amount so you can write notes whenever the mood strikes.

Buy More Stamps and Envelopes

In addition, stock up on stamps, envelopes, or even pre-printed return address stickers. After all, your beautiful cards and heartfelt messages won’t do a lot of good if you can’t actually send them to your loved ones! By purchasing them in advance, you can commit yourself to writing and sending out personalised correspondence. You can also try setting goals or reminders for yourself to make sure you use all the supplies you’ve gathered.

Invest In a Better Pen

Make this as fun for yourself as possible and splurge on a new pen (or pens). You don’t need to take a calligraphy class and it doesn’t need to be anything fancy — just something that you enjoy using. Consider picking out different kinds and colours so you can add personalised details to each of your letters and notes!

Take More Notes by Hand

Try to get in the habit of writing things by hand more often. Studies have found that writing things by hand, instead of typing on an electronic device, is better for learning and retention. Think of different ways you can incorporate writing by hand into other parts of your life, such as journaling or while creating grocery lists, to get used to it.

Type Your Letters Out Before Writing Them Down

Your computer can still be helpful when crafting personalised messages! It’s much simpler to organize your thoughts, check your spelling, and edit your work on a computer or electronic device than on a piece of paper. If you are worried about editing your personalised messages or just want a cleaner copy, type out your thoughts first and then transcribe them onto paper. That way, you can get the message just right while still preserving the personal touch of handwriting.

Even though technology is the prevailing way to connect with others, communication is far from irrelevant in the modern age. Nothing compares to the feeling of receiving a personalised letter from a loved one. Personalised notes and letters are the best way to express yourself when it comes to showing your friends and family how much you care.

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