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Coolest Flower Shops in the World

‘Stop and smell the roses’ means to relax, to take time out of our busy lives to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life.  What better way to do that than taking a tour of some of the most…

wedding rings on invitation with tulips and pen

Why Personalised Notes Are Better | Flowers Across Melbourne

Why Personalised Notes Are More Powerful, Intimate, and Impactful Humans have been communicating for thousands of years, but it has only taken a few decades for modern technology to dominate the realm of written communication. In this digital age,…


How to Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

This post originally appeared on Original post by Hania Syed Spring is an invigorating season that’s sure to have you wanting to spruce up your home. Here’s some quick and easy ways you can welcome the new season…

Ricotta Hotcake topped with chocolate sauce, fresh berries, mascarpone, banana and edible flowers

Melbourne’s Most Insta-worthy Café Flower Dishes

Edible flowers have become all the rage in Melbourne cafes and restaurants over the last few years. Previously they only appeared in fine dining restaurants but are now seen on almost every Melbourne menu. The delicate garnishes including Violas,…

Several small, colorful bundles of flowers on a table at a party or event.

Parties & Event Etiquette for Introverts | Flowers Across Melbourne

Event Etiquette for Introverts: How To Attend & Survive Attending social events, like weddings, funerals, birthdays and office parties, can be challenging for anyone to get through, but is likely harder for an introvert. From conforming to uncomfortable, antiquated…

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Floristry Training: Victoria

If you would like to become a Florist, improve your creative floristry skills or just looking for extra training in Victoria, then you are in the right place. Floristry short courses, workshops and nationally recognised training are all listed…

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Floristry Apprenticeship: The Complete Guide

Are you looking at becoming a Florist? Do you even need to do a Floristry Apprenticeship anymore? We often get people asking us how can they become a florist because they cannot find the right information online. Well, put…

Floral Art
Floral Art

Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen: Design with Nature

If there’s a challenge, she’s up for it. From pushing the border between pure Form-Linear work and Decorative with Form-Linear touches to testing her brain and skills – right now with an exercise in balance, mixing wild and commercial…