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Floristry Training: Victoria

If you would like to become a Florist, improve your creative floristry skills or just looking for extra training in Victoria, then you are in the right place. Floristry short courses, workshops and nationally recognised training are all listed…

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Floristry Apprenticeship: The Complete Guide

Are you looking at becoming a Florist? Do you even need to do a Floristry Apprenticeship anymore? We often get people asking us how can they become a florist because they cannot find the right information online. Well, put…

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Interview with Belgium Floral Designer: Stef Adriaenssens

When Stef Adriaenssens agreed to an interview, we were over the moon and felt quite privileged. His heartfelt opinions, extensive experience, uncompromising dedication to quality, and thoughtful insights are sure to give florists and flower enthusiasts of all levels…

Mark Pampling Floral art
Floral Art

Australian Floral Designer: Mark Pampling

You could say that our very own Australian floral designer Mark Pampling was born into flowers. Mark’s hometown of Toowoomba, Queensland is in fact called The Garden City, and his attention was drawn to flowers at a very early…

Floral Art
Floral Art

Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen: Design with Nature

If there’s a challenge, she’s up for it. From pushing the border between pure Form-Linear work and Decorative with Form-Linear touches to testing her brain and skills – right now with an exercise in balance, mixing wild and commercial…


Amazing Fields of Flowers

Treat yourself to the beauty of theses Amazing fields of flowers! From monotone deserts that transform overnight into kaleidoscopes of colour to magical bluebell carpeted forests straight from a fairytale. Let us take your eyes on a journey of…

Nadina - Flowers Across Melbourne

How to Become A Florist

Dreaming of one day becoming a florist? We asked our co-founder, head florist and cat fanatic Nadina about how she first fell in love with floristry and her tips for those wanting to explore this beautiful career path. FAM: When…

Lisa Hamilton - See Want Shop Blogger with Flowers Across Melbourne

Meet our GIVR Ambassador: Blogger Lisa Hamilton, See Want Shop

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Melbourne-based fashion and lifestyle blogging superstar, Lisa Hamilton, from See Want Shop. As massive fans of her gorgeous and inspirational blog, we are thrilled to have her as the new face…