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Apologising With Flowers

How To Apologise With Flowers

We’re not here to judge or ponder the context behind your actions. We just want to help you with your apology the best way we know how: flowers! From the sweetest expression of affection to literal apology flowers, we here at Flowers Across Melbourne have a reputation amongst the very best florists. In fact, we have over 20 years combined experience in delivering the best bouquets and arrangements to your loved ones.

Why Flowers Make a Good Apology

Flowers are beautiful. Next question? But on a serious note, gifting flowers that say I’m sorry is only one step in the apology process. Therefore, the rest is up to you.

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Flowers & Their Meanings

Lilies: Humility & Devotion

Grown across the world for their beauty and symbolism, lilies portray love, ardour, and affection for your loved ones in the Victorian language of flowers. Exemplified by the Madonna Lilly, the word literally means flowering plant in Ancient Greek. Watch as the buds of our White Lily Bunch unfurl, beautifully blooming over time to transform any space into a more wonderful, welcoming place. Therefore it is something you’ll definitely need should you need a bouquet of sorry flowers. 

Roses: Unconditional Love, Care & Affection

Is there anything more romantic than a bouquet of Roses? While there are hundreds of beautiful plant and flower species, none are more synonymous with romance, beauty and love than the rose. Closely associated with the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular flowers in the world. From a single red rose to a dozen roses, Flowers Across Melbourne has a vast selection of roses that are always guaranteed to arrive fresh. Often touted as an expensive gift, we can offer you the beautiful, quality roses you’re looking to gift without the painful price tag. Trust us, it’ll be less painful than if you didn’t get flowers that say I’m sorry.

Tulips: New Beginnings, Peace & Forgiveness

From wildflower to a symbol of charity, Tulips are one of the most recognisable flowers in the world. Cultivated in Turkey over thousands of years for their delightful blooms, Istanbul has played host to Tulip Fever for 300 years. A favourite during the cooler Melbourne months, tulips bloom with bright colours, reminiscent of a picturesque afternoon in spring! From crisp white tulips that literally symbolise forgiveness to pleasing yellow tulip bouquets for hopefulness and cheerful thoughts. In fact, we offer tulip bouquets and flower arrangements that are sure to make an impact on your road to forgiveness.

Orchids: One Of A Kind, Power & Strength

One of our favourite, and most desired tropical flowers, orchids are beloved among many for their stature and beauty. Associated with virility in Ancient Greece, it was believed that eating certain parts of the flower would influence childbirth. The phalaenopsis orchids are loved in bouquets because of their long lives and enduring qualities. In fact, cymbidium orchids are a great winter bloom that adds colour and beauty to any bouquet. These tropical treasures are sure to inspire awe wherever their magnificence is displayed. Very handy for any kind of I’m sorry flowers.

Gerberas: Happiness, Joy & Friendship

Born from the same botanical family as sunflowers, asters and daisies, Gerberas are perennial plants of deep reds, warm yellows, and white, peach and pink shades. Ranging from bunches little to large, the bright colours of a sunny Gerberas radiate pure joy. In ancient Egypt, they symbolised a closeness to nature and devotion to the sun. On the other hand, the Celts believe the flower would lessen the sorrows and stress of everyday life. Pick a bunch of Gerberas and spread cheer where needed or share in a happy moment with loved ones and friends. Therefore, when it comes to flowers to say sorry, Gerberas tick a lot of the boxes.

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Flower Colours & Their Meanings

White conveys sympathy, humility and devotion.

Evoking pure beauty and an association with innocence, humility, new beginnings and sympathy. White flowers are an ideal accompaniment for any apology. Display your humility and devotion to your loved one with white lilies, or you could demonstrate your commitment with a white orchid bunch.

Pink declares love, gratitude & appreciation.

Combining innocence, playfulness with a touch of sensitivity, pink flowers are often a romantic. Second to the typically intense red flowers thanks to their broader spectrum of colour. Demonstrating the breadth of love’s possibilities, a bouquet of pink or pastel roses could be an ideal arrangement for your apology.

Yellow expresses friendship & joy.

Apologies are tough. Make things a little more joyful and lighthearted with a bunch of yellow flowers. A symbol of friendship, yellow flowers demonstrate new beginnings and happiness; a perfect complement is yellow tulip bouquets for their hopefulness and cheerful thoughts.

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Red professes true love & passion.

Likely the most understood flower colour in the world. Red is for passion, true love, and the energy that comes from it. Running through us like raging rivers of devotion, red flowers, like camellias, can spark the flame of desire within us all. Although a single elegant rose (or a dozen red roses) is a no-brainer choice, our Create-A-Bouquet tool offers several red flowers to profess your remorse and love.

Apologising with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers can only speed up the forgiveness process. The rest is up to you. Our selection of apology flowers includes classic roses, bright and happy gerberas, and calming lilies. 

Need to get your apology in today? We offer same-day delivery to most Melbourne suburbs if your order is placed before 2 pm. Sent with efficiency from our location in Preston, each bouquet combines over 20 years of experience delivering the best flowers and floral arrangements to your loved ones. Say sorry the right way with Flowers Across Melbourne today!

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