Combining Two Great Gifts – Flowers and Chocolates

Deep within the FAM labs over the past few weeks we’ve been tinkering away, putting together some exciting new arrangements for the website, and we think we’ve come up with pretty much the perfect combo (seriously, why didn’t we think of this before?): Flowers and chocolates! Like, together, as a combo! Maybe it was the recent influence of Halloween? Or just the fact that a lot of our customers add chocolates during checkout, but the flower/chocolate combo brings together two of the world’s most favourite gifts in a fun, fresh way.

Try Outs

During the process we trailed a number of different arrangements and bouquets including:

Stars in your eye(ris):

Chocolate stars and flowers

Milk Chocolate stars amongst Iris and Lilies

Roses (chocolates) at the bottom of the rose garden (I wish!):

Chocolates and roses

Roses with Roses

Worth Eating

In the end, though, we came up with a few ideas that we think should be quite popular 🙂

Gerberas and Chocolate Hearts:

Gerberas and Chocolates

Delicious Chocs with Delightful Gerberas

Which is now available to buy at

Coming soon

Cherry Ripe Rose Arrangement:

Cherry Ripe bars and roses

Cherry Ripe reds – both in Roses and Chocolates – the perfect gift?

True love! Roses AND Chocolates:

Rose arrangement with chocolates

Roses with kisses (in the form of chocolate)

Rigorously Tested

You can rest assured we have thoroughly tested the chocolates for deliciousness (time and time again).

Order Now!

We’ll try to make sure the cherry ripe ones aren’t out of stock too often!

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