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Guide to Birthday Gifts for Her

If you are reading this article, it means that you want to surprise a special lady in your life with a great gift. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, your beloved wife, your mother, your sister, your female friend, or another lady you have a special relationship with, a perfect gift can be synonymous with a very happy birthday. If you already have cake and balloons on your list, you’re on the right path. These are among the best birthday gifts for her indeed.

However, if you want your special lady to feel celebrated and loved, you will have to add a beautiful and unique gift to your list. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, but it has to have special meaning and reflect your love for her. So, before you add anything to your shopping cart, take a few moments to think of the things that she likes. Maybe she’s a wine lover, a sports enthusiast, a talented artist, a gardener, or a fashionista. Her passions can give you important hints into what the perfect gift might be. 

Already have some idea of what to buy her for her birthday? Then you probably know that online shopping can be time-consuming. Finding the perfect gift can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, especially when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. The good news is the specialists behind Flowers Across Melbourne are here to help you with a list of the best birthday gifts for her. Throughout this article, we’ll go over some of the most appreciated birthday gifts for women and we’ll help choose the perfect one.

Woman Holding Gift
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

What Makes a Perfect Birthday Gift for Her?

Birthdays are a time to feel celebrated, special, and loved. A perfect birthday gift can be anything as long as it comes from the heart, reflects the uniqueness of your relationship, and puts a smile on your special lady’s face. 

To ensure that your gift has a special meaning, try to pay attention to small talk. Chances are, she has already told you what she’d like to receive. If nothing comes to mind, think of what’s going on in her life, what her aspirations are, whether she has any new passions, etc. For example, if she has recently decided to take on a new hobby such as gardening, she’ll probably be thrilled to receive a plant care gift pack. Is she an avid reader? Surprise her with a book from her favourite author (but make sure she doesn’t already have it). Does she love wine and chocolate? Then she’ll surely appreciate a Sauvignon Blanc and Bennetto gift pack.

Not sure what she likes?

Can’t really put your finger on what her interests are? There is a solution to this problem. Instead of focusing on her passions, you can think of a special memory that the two of you share. You can commemorate a special occasion and celebrate your unique relationship through your gift. For instance, if you recently took a beautiful trip together, you can offer her a personalized photo album with the best pictures that you took on the trip.

 But what if you haven’t really known one another for a very long time and you have a formal relationship? In this case, it’s best to go for a classic birthday gift such as an elegant Sauv Blanc hamper or a birthday flower bouquet.

So, as you can see, finding the perfect gift for her is not that difficult. All you have to do is cherish the relationship the two of you have through your gift and take their passions and hobbies into consideration. Still not sure what birthday gift to choose? Here are some of the best birthday gifts that everyone loves and that you can purchase at the last minute.

Woman Holding Flower Bouquets

So you have no idea what to buy her? Why not leave it up to us and select a surprise arrangement of flowers? Our florist will design an incredible arrangement for you, taking the stress away. The best part? The flowers can be delivered same day in both Sydney and Melbourne Metro. Find out more by clicking HERE.


Flowers are at the top of our list when it comes to birthday gifts. People have been offering flowers as gifts for millennia for a very good reason – they help us express our feelings and cherish our loved ones. 

When offering flowers, it is important to remember that different flowers symbolize different things. For instance, red roses, dahlias, red tulips, carnations, and camellias symbolize love, so they would make a perfect birthday gift for your partner. Yellow roses, freesias, and lilies are symbols of friendship, while lavender roses, orchids, and amaryllis are perfect for showing your admiration. So, when you choose a birthday bouquet for a special lady make sure it consists of flowers that reflect your feelings and that are appropriate for your relationship.

Assorted Flowers
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

At Flowers Across Melbourne, we offer a wide range of birthday flowers bouquets as well as other special and unique floral gifts such as flower boxes, single elegant roses, and vase arrangements. If you are not particularly attracted by traditional bouquets and are looking for something different, you can opt for preserved flowers instead. The biggest advantage of preserved flowers is the fact that they are very long-lasting. They don’t require watering and they look and feel natural, therefore, you SO will be able to admire and enjoy your gift for a longer period of time. A very popular choice is the preserved rose gold orb that features two delicate preserved roses and it can last up to a year.

Is your special lady allergic to pollen? Let us present to you the perfect alternative – The Happy Lolly Pot. This cheerful mix consists of an air-filled balloon, pre-wrapped confectionery, and colourful ribbon curls that will surely make any birthday girl smile.

Lily Plant with Flower
Photo by Bellava G on Unsplash

Potted Plants

Cut flowers can be arranged into beautiful birthday bouquets, but unfortunately, they can only be enjoyed for a limited amount of time. Potted plants, on the other hand, can become faithful companions for a long time. If you want to offer a gift your special lady will admire and cherish for a long time, we recommend potted plants, such as this beautiful peace lily. This delicate plant is very easy to care for as long as it is kept in a warm environment with plenty of filtered light. It is a fantastic houseplant for both beginner and experienced gardeners, it has long-lasting attractive blooms, and it improves air quality.

Potted plants make amazing gifts because they have so many advantages. They are good for the environment, have a positive impact on one’s physical and mental health, and can complement the interior decor with their attractive foliage and blooms. 

In addition to boosting the mood of any person that spends some time near them, potted plants can also symbolize different things. Lucky bamboo is a popular birthday gift because it symbolizes luck, prosperity, longevity, and wealth. If you want to send a more profound message with your gift, Peace Lily might be a perfect choice as it symbolizes rebirth, purity, tranquillity, peace, and support. Cactus plants are also great gifts as they represent strength, resilience, and toughness. So, if you want to tell your special lady that you will always be there for her and that your bond is unbreakable, you can do so by offering her a beautiful flowering cactus.

Photo by Anna Hecker on Unsplash

Wine and Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with wine, especially if the lady whose birthday is approaching loves having a glass of high-quality vino once in a while. And what is even better than a bottle of wine? A bottle of wine and delicious chocolates.

If you want to avoid buying a birthday gift that she might not like or that she’ll simply forget about after a few days, our gift specialists recommend this elegant Sauv Blanc Hamper that’ll make her feel loved and appreciated. Consisting of a bottle of Jacobs Creek Sauvignon Blank, delicious Lindt chocolates and a delightful flower arrangement made of carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, baby’s breath, and fern, this gift will surely be a success. If you’ve already picked a nice birthday bouquet, a preserved rose, or a potted plant, and just need the wine and the chocolate, you can pick the Sauvignon Blanc and Bennetto hamper, which is just as lovely.

Is she more into red wine? Go for the sophisticated Shiraz and Chocolate hamper that consists of a bottle of Pepperjack Shiraz paired with Bennetto Amaranth and Sea Salt chocolates.

As mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with wine, especially since drinking it in moderation is thought to have plenty of health benefits. While white wine and rose are delicious, red wine is considered beneficial since it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and lipid-regulating properties. It is rich in resveratrol, which is a natural anti-oxidant present in dark grapes, so a lot of people recommend it over other types of wine.

Curious what a bottle of wine symbolizes? This drink has been associated with the divine and the royal spheres for millennia so it is generally regarded as a symbol of integrity, nobility, wealth, and prestige.

Photo by Ahmed Almakhzanji on Unsplash


Books are popular gifts and they can send very personal messages. The message that you send can, of course, be as subtle as you want it to be. You can opt for a book that covers a topic that your special lady is interested in such as gardening, cooking, tech, fashion, art, etc. By choosing something that you know she’ll enjoy reading about, you show her that you care about her passions and hobbies.

The message that you send through books can also be more personal than this. For instance, you can opt for a limited edition book that she really enjoyed as a child such as The Wizard of Oz or Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

Some people also like to offer books that they really enjoyed themselves. Specialists advise against offering books that you’ve never read or that you don’t really know what they are about. Sometimes, a title can be misleading, especially when it comes to fiction. So we recommend being extra careful and checking some book reviews online before making a purchase.

Not sure what book to choose? You can find a few very interesting ones here.



If her birthday is in autumn or winter, she’ll surely appreciate getting some high-quality delicious tea. There is nothing cosier than enjoying a nice cup of tea on a chilly and rainy day. The warmth and the smell of the tea will surely remind her of your nice gesture.

There are a lot of different types of teas and infusions that you can choose from and if you’re not a tea drinker yourself, picking one might be a bit difficult. So, you can go for something that a lot of people love such as hibiscus, rooibos, osmanthus, rose, jasmine, or ginger. Or, if she mentioned her love of a certain flavour such as citrus, strawberry, vanilla, it’s best to pick one that includes that particular flavour. 

We offer a wide range of teas that you can choose from and you will surely find one that will be perfect for your birthday girl. Want your gift to be a symbol of love? We recommend Pukka Love, a delicate mix of rose, chamomile, and lavender that will make her smile every morning.

And since we are talking about a birthday gift here, why not spoil her a little and add this Tea Time gift to your gift basket. Including 12 beautiful mini gerberas, 12 Tim Tams, and a big cup, Tea Time has a little bit of everything and is perfect for a tea lover.

Next steps

The idea of buying the perfect gift might seem a bit intimidating at first, but as you can see, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. We hope we’ve made your mission a bit easier by introducing you to some of the most appreciated gifts that will surely put a smile on your special lady’s face. Whether you decide to choose a huge flower bouquet, a wine bottle and chocolates hamper, an interesting book, or all of the above, your gift will surely be a success as long as it is something special that reflects your feelings for her and the special relationship that the two of your share.

Not sure what flowers to buy her for her birthday? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our florists would be happy to help you select the birthday bouquet.

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