Coolest Flower Shops in the World

Stop and smell the roses means to relax, to take time out of our busy lives to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life. 

What better way to do that than taking a tour of some of the most charming and quirky flower shops around the globe? Add it to your (virtual or real) travel itinerary and come inside. Don’t just peak through the window, say hello to the creative, amazing people behind lush and ornate flower arrangements and displays. We invite you to immerse yourself in an abundance of flowers, colours and scents.

A friendly note first though! We have been working very hard to be up to date and accurate. But these are unusual times, so please check that shops remain open.

Now let’s start the adventure:

Salon des Fleurs

Madrid, Spain
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Hands down one of our favourite, most charming stores. Open the pink door in the heart of Madrid and discover a world of beautiful, romantic flower arrangements, plants and vintage accessories. And whilst there, enjoy a cup of tea and a delicious slice of homemade red velvet cake or one of the many sweet treats on offer; you’ll feel right at home

Moyses Stevens

London, UK

One of the oldest and most stylish florists, Moyses Stevens can look back at an amazing 140 year history and is the holder of the prestigious Prince of Wales Royal Warrant. These achievements are all testament to outstanding creativity, service and a love of flowers. And the shops ooze that commitment to ‘filling the lives of Londoner’s with flowers’ out of every little corner and crevice.

Fransen et Lafite

Madrid, Spain

This little gem is not to be missed when in Madrid. Entering it is a bit like walking into a scene right out of Alice in Wonderland, with flowers, plants, peacockes, butterflies and deer heads setting the scene. Originally arriving from the Netherlands to study Spanish in Madrid, Patrick Fransen ended up founding his own flower shop; and we are so glad he did!

Amelia’s Flower trucks

Tennessee, USA
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Happiness and floral charm served up in 3 vintage flower trucks across Nashville Tennessee! Amelia’s first truck, named Rory after a Dr Who character, is an older gentleman by now but still chucks along nicely. All three trucks can be rented out for events or you can check out their schedule online to get your dose of happiness with a bunch of Amelia’s beautiful, freshly picked flowers.

Tea Rose Flower Shop

Milan and Monza, Italy
Boutiques - Tearose

Tea Rose boutique is the perfect marriage of couture, light, scents and floral design. Set in Milan’s posh Fashion Quarter (with another boutique in Monza), the shop is an artful arrangement of clothing, flowers, fragrances and more. Each Tea Rose Boutique has a flower lab; both are creative and chic havens in absolutely spectacular settings.

The Flower Bar Co.

Bangalow, Australia

When in Byron Bay, immerse yourself in the Bohemian spirit of this stunning place. You’ll also find it at the Flower Bar Co. in Bangalow. To be fair, the building – a former bank – is not all that much to look at from the outside. But step inside, immerse yourself in the vintage charm of the shop and admire the modern, botanical arrangements with a difference. We also like the fact that this is a family run business using mostly locally grown blooms.

Petersham Nurseries

Richmond and Covent Garden/London, UK

Why not wine and dine in a glasshouse, surrounded by scents of jasmine or bougainvillea? Or enjoy an Italian Garden just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Covent Garden. You can find Petersham Nurseries in two locations these days, but our tip is the Floral Court in Covent Garden. Make it your destination to relax and smell the roses after a busy day exploring London.

Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

London, UK

It’s hard to miss the bright blooms and seasonal bouquets of Wild at Heart. Nikki Tibbles’ flowers at the entrance to Liberty’s might be the most photographed buckets of flowers in all of London. Any time of the year, they are a real show stopper, inviting you to come in.You can also get your fix of Wild at Heart’s seasonal blooms with a touch of country chic in Pimlico and Notting Hill.

A.P Bloem

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The flower scene in the Netherlands is so much more than fields of tulips. A great example of this is A.P Bloem, a tiny flower shop in the heart of Amsterdam. The place is an ode to the beauty of nature; its display spills out onto the street like a beautiful market stall. You might also find Alexander and his team’s work work across the city. He is known for his Dutch Masters influenced bouquets and arrangements, and other installations in museums, five star hotels and stores. One way or another, you won’t be able to miss A.P Bloem.


Paris, France

A Maître fleuriste since the 19th century, Lachaume the shop has changed very little since then and is a true gem in Paris’ Faubourg Saint Honoré. Marcel Proust used to drop in daily to get a small flower for his buttonhole. Today, you can get lost in the sea of of roses, violets, orchids, and many blooms reflecting in the wall mirrors; and original frescoes, marble and Italian tiles vying for your attention.

Bleuet Coquelicot

Paris, France

Even though this is a tiny store, a mere 100 square ft, you can’t miss it. It’s a neighbourhood favourite with the locals and always looks like it’s bursting at the seams. You will be greeted by a riot of colourful flowers and plants spilling out onto the sidewalk.  Flowers are sourced locally and you can’t help but notice the great respect given to each bloom. A true little gem!

Pequeno Jardim

Rua Garrett, Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

Make this your mandatory stop, to draw inspiration from, to relax and just enjoy this darling of a flower shop in the heart of Lisbons’s traditional Chiado. It is said that almost 100 years ago, a Frenchman fell in love with Lisbon and founded the store, which makes it the oldest florist shop in the city. Pequeno Jardim  translates to ‘little garden’ and that is the perfect name for it.

Champ Libre Fleuriste

Paris, France

The shop’s owner, Catherine, invites you on a journey of discovery, to draw you into the atmosphere of her shop, her world of flowers, and give you a different perspective of the known. This shop is all about setting a scene, approaching displays as a whole and providing a unique atmosphere by integrating plants, flowers and decorative objects thoughtfully.

Pulteney Bridge Flowers

Somerset, Bath, UK

If you are visiting the beautiful, world heritage city of Bath, a stop at the Pultneney Bridge flower shop should be on your itinerary. Established back in the 1980s with a Princes Trust Grant, this absolutely delightful flower shop now does the weekly flower arrangements for the Bath Spa and many other local businesses and cafes. Get your dose of happiness here.

Solabee Flowers

Portland, USA

It’s not hard to follow this florist’s motto ‘come in and fall in love’. The ‘Solabee North’ location is our favourite, it also houses a floral design studio and specialises in unusual and rare plants. It promises to turn interior spaces into your personal jungle! So have a wander and check out the build-your-own terrarium station, find inspiration in the art, lovely bouquets of fresh flowers as well as locally crafted wares all displayed in this conservatory style shop.

Paris, France

A magnificent shop in Paris’ beautiful Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It’s not a big shop by all means, but you will enter the world of a florist with exceptional style and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Along its walls, lined with red and gold leaf you will find rare and unique flowers from long forgotten gardens, beautifully arranged with love and artistic flair.


Malmo, Sweden

We love this one because it approaches the display and arrangement of flowers quite differently to most other florists. Enter the shop and you feel like walking into a Dutch Master’s still life painting; a life in a different century altogether! The dark green walls provide a mysterious, but perfect background to the abundance of blooms. The dark surroundings together with clever lighting really make the flowers shine.

Bramble & Wild

Frome, United Kingdom

Bramble & Wild have all options covered: If you can’t come and visit in person, they offer a virtual tour of their shop! How cool is that? We hope though that you can make the trip. Frome itself is a lovely market town, with cobble stoned streets, the river Frome running through it and full of small shops that offer wares and art you will not find anywhere else.



You can explore Frida’s flower shops the length of Italy, from Milano to Cagliari. But it’s the shop in Bologna that we think is the most fantastic of them all. It’s truly theatrical and decorated in dramatic fashion; setting the scene for you to enjoy blooms and floral compositions with your eyes and your heart. Bologna is perhaps most famous for its outstanding food, well beyond Spaghetti Bolognese, but we feel your visit won’t be complete without this ‘floral stopover’.

Muse Montmartre

Paris, France
Le Musée - Musée de Montmartre

What better way to enjoy the city of love than to stroll around romantic Montmartre. Well, we think it should include a visit to Muse Montmartre! It’s like wandering into an everchanging, enchanted garden of sweet scented, bright and happy blooms. It’s owner Muhammad sources his flowers from small producers, often within France, which means they had time to grow in the sun and develop their sweet perfumes, ready for someone else to enjoy and take home a little bunch of happiness and inspiration.

L’Olivier Floral Atelier

Chestnut Hill, USA

Not your average florist but, as the name suggests, a floral atelier. One that invites you into a living gallery of colour and beauty and to interact with it. From humble beginnings as a flower pushcart, there are several L’Olivier Floral Ateliers around the greater Boston Area, New York City and Greenwich CT. They’ve now become part of ‘Winston Flowers’ but remain true to their origins and craft. Find time to visit their store in Chestnut Hill, Newton MA, it’s a spectacular glasshouse!

Moulie Fleurs

Paris, France

The Moulie Fleurs is a like a grand old dame, holding court at the Place du Palais Bourbon since 1870. The florist has been regularly supplying the ‘grandes couturiers’ of Paris, as well as ministries and embassies. It has opened a second location close by, the shop of orchids, and we honestly can’t decide which one we like better. They are both gorgeous and welcoming floral ateliers.

Bloomsbury Flowers

London, UK

Bloomsbury Flowers in Covent Garden is another one of those lovely, charming flower shops in a great location. The creative team behind this shop are Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, former Royal Ballet dancers. It opened in 1994 and has since become well known and respected for its beautiful flower arrangements. It’s quite amazing how much beauty, colour and blooms they’ve managed to pack in such a small space. You should definitely duck in.

Grace & Thorn

London, UK

Founder of Grace & Thorn Nik, was fascinated by indoor plants from an early age. Opening her own store in 2011 was her way of changing the way we use houseplants and flowers. Her mission remains to get them out of cheap plastic pots and give them the space to ‘breathe’ and shine; to bring out the best in plants, ready for their next home and encourage flowers to dance and sing! So if you are in the Shoreditch / London Fields neigbourhood in London, come and say hello. Enter a lightfilled, airy space with not a plastic pot in sight!

Pulbrook & Gould

London, UK

Their flagship store has just opened at a very swanky and royal sounding address: 42 Buckingham Palace Road! Founded in 1956, this move is surely a mark of their excellent craftmanship, service and creativity. 

Enter their shop and you’ll be taken to the look, feel and beauty of an English country garden in full bloom, with a nod to heritage and a sprinkle of adventure added to it.

Rebel Rebel

London, UK

What an amazing space to walk into. The store is like a light filled greenhouse and full of luscious and flamboyant blooms. Mostly seasonal and likely British, flowers and foliage are bought daily from the New Covent Garden flower market in London. This inspirational space is a wonderful reflection of the owner’s talent as well as a love and passion for blooms.


Paris, France

You are invited to enter and discover ‘a true modern cabinet of curiosities’ at Debeaulieu. The shop is located in the very happening Pigalle quarter of Paris and is a unique mix of modern lines and the slightly unexpected, such as used jars and timeless vases. Together it brings out the forms and colours of the plants and flowers beautifully. To quote Debeaulieu: ‘Our artistic DNA is to suggest the encounter between intemporality and modernity and new associations of plants and colours.’

Pompon Bloemen & Flowers

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What a sumptuous store at a lavish address: Pompon Flowers at Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The shop itself is not big. It’s housed in a building full of character and history in central Amsterdam. What we especially like about this one is that the blooms and floral designs, the ornaments and vases on display beautifully complement the stunning interior with its intricate, ornate ceiling.

Moss’ Flower Shop

Mt Juliet, USA

What a gem of a store! If you found the Billy Goat Café in Mt Juliet, you’ll have found Moss’ Flower Shop, they are practically neighbours. You can’t really miss it anyway. Not only will you notice the abundance of blooms and colours, Moss’ Flower Shop also sells lovely homewares, candles and jewellery and you are sure to find something beautiful and memorable in there.

Flower Vasette

Melbourne/Fitzroy, Australia
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Flowers Vasette

This shop is just amazing, inside and out. The thought and love that has gone into every detail and every bloom is evident everywhere. Even the doorhandles tell a dream. An owl perches on one handle, a rabit takes pride of place on the other. Vasette’s mission is to create a place that makes people happy, a dreamland, an oasis for the senses. And they have well and truly achieved that. Come in and find out for yourself!

Hermetica Flowers

Wooloomooloo, Sydney, Australia
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What a sleek interior! This Sydney florist really knows how to make flowers the centre of attention. In this light-filled and open warehouse space you can not only gawk at the colourful blooms brought in fresh from the Flower Market, you can also watch this creative team crafting bouquets and floral designs. Feast your eyes on peonies, orchids and native flowers, roses and hanging foliage and fronds; all here to wow you.

Savia Bruta

Madrid, Spain

On a small side street by the Plaza de Espana is this darling of a flower shop. We like this one not only for its use of organic materials and flowers sourced from sustainable suppliers, we also really like the floral design workshops it offers. It invites you to dedicate an afternoon amongst blooms and foliage, have a cup of tea and be a florist for a day. You’ll learn from the best. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Margarita se llama mi amor

Madrid, Spain

You’ll find this dazzling, bright space in Madrid’s creative barrio de las Salesas. Enter a generous space filled with colour, light, music and – of course – exquisite blooms and plants. Explore ‘My Love is called Margarita’ and you will find seasonal flowers, a variety of rare blooms, but also fruit trees and charming home ware.


Madrid, Spain

This graceful flower shop is situated in Chamberi, a charming, traditional neighbourhood of Madrid you should go and discover in any case. We love the slightly raw look of the exposed brick walls and the clever lighting. It allows the flowers and floral arrangements to shine. This shop is a bit like drinking a hot chocolate on a winter’s day, cozy and warm. 

Llorens & Duran

Madrid, Spain

You’ll recognise this shop in the Otros district of Madrid from a distance. Its shopfront and entry boasts a luscious cascade of plants and foliage, an amazing vertical garden.  Recognised as one of the most stylish decorators in Madrid, the shop’s inside is equally stunning with a great aesthetic. If you can’t be there in person, try their online store for their flower arrangements, fresh and dried flowers, or even unique, dreamy hair garlands.

Floreale Floral Boutique

Woodbridge, Canada

The name kind of gives it away, Floreale is more than a flower shop, it’s a boutique. The Floreale team specialises in floral designs and flower arrangements for events, turning client’s dreams into reality. This means, their boutique is a treasure trove not only of blooms and daily fresh bouquets, but also of home décor and gifts, baby baskets and gourmet baskets. Something to make every occasion or event just that little bit extra special.   

Flores Bucaro

Madrid, Spain

Flores Bucaro in Madrid’s trendy Salamanca district oozes love of flowers, creativity and charm all in one. This is a second-generation family business and has earned a following and respect because of its spectacular decorations – even at royal events – service, and great attention to detail. Come in – we are certain you will love the colours and scents that will envelop you like a blanket as soon as you enter.

AdHoc Flower Shop


If you are in Madrid, don’t miss a visit to AdHoc in Madrid’s historic Barrio de las Letras neighbourhood. This is perhaps one of the more unusual shops to explore. It’s half florist and half fashion boutique, with both halves beautifully complimenting each other. An exciting shop offering stunning jewelry and clothing by emerging designers surrounded by an abundance of colourful flowers, vibrant foliage and the perfume of freshly cut blooms.

Flowers of the Valley

San Francisco, USA

‘If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair….’ and be sure to visit Flowers of the Valley! Here, the blooms literally burst out onto the sidewalk, grabbing your attention, drawing you in with their colours and fragrance. It’s a bit quirky, it’s got heart and we bet you won’t be able to leave there without a small bunch of happiness.

Le Bouquet Flower Shop

San Francisco, USA

Another gem of a flower shop in San Francisco! This one has been a neighbourhood favourite with the locals for over 30 years now. The shop itself, at Union Street, is quite small but packs a real punch and looks more like a fabulous market stall somewhere at a traditional farmer’s market, with buckets full of colourful seasonal blooms decorating its store front and sidewalk.

The Bud Stop

San Francisco, USA

Make this your next stop on Union street! The Bud Stop is ‘making flowers your friends’ since the 1980s. Reminiscent of a Parisian sidewalk stand, it offers the loveliest posies, bunches of fresh cut flowers or delicate floral arrangements for any occasion. Super convenient and mostly irresistible.

Urban Flowers

Concord, Australia

Lovingly referred to simply as the pink building by locals this shop announces itself in great style. We like this one, because it’s more than just a store, it’s a family business and has been for four generations now. It’s part of Sydney’s history and fabric. Not only that, its being supplied with the freshest flowers from it’s own farm, ‘The Diggers Nursery’, which is run by one of the brothers.

Plants & Friends

San Francisco, USA

Welcome to the jungle! Plants & Friends specialises in plants, succulents and cacti and its shop is this fantastic, light-filled green oasis in Hayes Valley. Not to be confused with your regular garden centre, this shop is part nursery, part home goods store, it’s even got a potting station in the back. Whether you are looking for a pet-friendly plant, a hanging basket, planters for your balcony or greenery to fit your bookshelve at home, you’ll be sure to find it here.

Utsuwa Floral Design

San Francisco, USA

Get your taste of Japan right here in San Francisco! Since 2010, Hiro Hayama, the owner of Utsuwa is delighting his customers with Ikebana, artful japanese flower arrangements, as well as Japanese bonsais, cacti, orchids, hanging plants and more. It was his grandmother who taught him Ikebana and his great uncle, an award-winning bonsai master, who passed on his knowledge to him.  Utsuwa means vessel or bowl in Japanese and this shop definitely feels like entering a space, a bowl, full of exotic goodies. 

Cler Fleurs

Paris, France

This is how we imagine a stroll through the romantic streets of Paris. Little shops with bright awnings, the perfume of flowers in the air and market stalls with fresh produce on cobble stones. Well, Cler Fleurs is all that. Wooden crates under a yellow awning; vases, buckets and bundles of blooms announce the storefront of this tiny gem from far away. It really looks more like a colourful market stand with every possible space and vessel used to showcase its beautiful produce.


Paris, France

“With us, even a single flower is dressed”. That’s the – very Parisian – motto of this elegant and sophisticated florist. Notice how time slows down a little bit. The shop kind of resembles an antiques store; flowers, plants and foliage seem to have naturally found each other, when in reality everything has been carefully set in scene. The creative team here really take their time to understand what you are after. We highly recommend a visit.

Eric Chauvin

Paris, France

The choice is yours here. Eric Chauvin, florist to some of the biggest fashion houses, has several floral boutiques across Paris. He is an artist above all and at the heart of all of his shops lies a love of nature and a desire to convey emotion, passion and spirit. The tiny shop in rue Jean Nicot with its romantic, slightly baroque decor is our favourite.


Paris, France

This shop at the Rue Madame is the one you definitely want to visit in person, not virtually, as Odorantes’ team has its heart set on the perfumes and sweet scents of flowers. Not only do they work hard to make a bouquet look good, it also needs to smell sublime! You’ll really want to stop and smell the roses here and dive nose first into all of the bundles of blooms. 

Adriane M.

Paris, France

Another Parisian favourite, this shop has quite the fan base, with many of its regulars choosing a delivery subscription. But let’s get back to the shop itself, the dark interior and beautiful décor emphasising the fresh blooms; the seasonal arrangements and romantic bouquets spilling out to the sidewalk. A lovely and welcoming corner shop in the 7th arrondisement, that will make your heart smile. 

Stephane Chapelle

Paris, France
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This store front at the Rue de Richelieu is so photogenic, you can even get it as a poster-sized print! This is not an overflowing flower shop, rather it displays a small variety of carefully chosen and arranged flowers. This allows each bloom to shine and pop and gives each flower arrangement the space to be admired.

O’Fleurs de Magenta

Paris, France
O'Fleurs de Magenta, artisan fleuriste à Paris 10

Named after its location, Boulevard de Magenta, this shop is open seven days a week and invites you to a floral stroll amongst their blooms and have a chat with the creative team. They pride themselves as much on their creations as on passing on their know-how to visitors. This shop presents a happy marriage of old-world charm and modernity, dramatic creations and the appreciation for simple, seasonal blooms. It’s time to let yourself be carried away!

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