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November Givr Update

It’s now been over two months since we launched Givr – a charitable way to acknowledge ordinary (and extraordinary) friends, family, strangers, and groups doing wonderful things.

All I can say is wow! We’ve been blown away by the nominations we’ve received so far, and it’s such a good feeling to be part of that.

We help surprise people with a small token of appreciation just for being who they are, doing what they naturally do. It’s a great part of the week for us here at FAM when a nomination is chosen from all the entries, which is made even more satisfying when we receive a thank you email or message from the nominator.

The hardest part really is deciding who should receive the flowers each week! It’s an incredibly difficult decision sometimes; do we go with something light-hearted and fun, or perhaps one of the many amazing stories of people helping others through a tough time? But at the end of the day, it’s really all about encouraging more random acts of kindness and the spirit of giving.

Over the last two months we’ve given bouquets to some amazing people, including a person who was always there for a friend struggling through IVF treatment, a 74-year-old Mum, looking after her 78-year-old husband who has dementia, and a son who wanted his mum, who is going blind, to be able to remember the beautiful colours of a bouquet of flowers, just to mention a few.

We can only choose one nomination each week, which means we always have a great deal of entries that unfortunately don’t have bouquets sent out, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving.

From the simple things:

– Spending the day looking after a 5-month-old puppy who had just been desexed, saving it from a miserable day locked in the laundry

– Helping book flights

– For making awesome birthday cakes

To the heavier things:

– Helping out a partner after major surgery

– The recent death of a 14-year-old niece

– Being diagnosed with cancer

It’s been so great to read all the stories and to know that Melbourne’s spirit of giving is well and truly alive! So thanks to all who have placed a nomination.

Here are just a couple of the most recent bouquets we sent out:

Givr Bouquet Givr Roses Freesias Bouquet

If you’d like to nominate someone in Melbourne to receive flowers, please head over to our Givr page and fill in the form!

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