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Meet our GIVR Ambassador: Blogger Lisa Hamilton, See Want Shop

Lisa Hamilton - See Want Shop Blogger with Flowers Across Melbourne
We are so excited to announce our partnership with Melbourne-based fashion and lifestyle blogging superstar, Lisa Hamilton, from See Want Shop.
As massive fans of her gorgeous and inspirational blog, we are thrilled to have her as the new face of our Charity GIVR program.
In case you haven’t heard of Charity GIVR, let us fill you in! Here at Flowers Across Melbourne, we feel so lucky to work in an industry all about the act of giving. Sending flowers is all about showing thoughtfulness and love for others. We want to help spread this love a little further, so each month we select a local charity to pair with one of our best-selling flower arrangements. During this month, 10% of sales from that arrangement are then donated to the worthy charity. It means we get to help out a huge variety of amazing local causes, and also means you can feel even better about sending flowers to a loved one!
We sat down with Lisa to chat more about the program and why she wanted to get involved and show her support.
FAM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
Lisa: It all started after I embarked on an overseas working holiday in 2012, I wanted to be able to share my travels & photos with loved ones back home so opened up an Instagram account to do just that. I then started to gather some momentum with my followers and began putting a little more effort into my imagery. I am a qualified physiotherapist & decided to start the website as a creative outlet in response to the traction on my social media accounts. Although the blog is now my primary source of employment, I still work casually in the health care field. So lucky for me I am able to get the best of both worlds.
FAM:  What appealed to you about becoming the Flowers Across Melbourne GIVR ambassador?
Lisa: I have been wanting to be involved in a charitable organisation for quite some time now but have been holding out for a cause/program that was a great fit for me & was close to my heart. When I heard about GIVR I thought the fit was perfect and the idea behind it sounded very appealing. I also think it’s a cause that will resonate well with my readership & I think that’s a really important balance.
FAM: What makes the GIVR program so special to you?
Lisa: I love how the program spreads the love every month and that different charitable organisations are benefiting from it. It’s also great that I can have some say as to which charities are involved, which means I can involve some of those that are particularly close to my heart.
FAM: What are some simple ways you recommend people can give back or spread the love, even amongst their friends and family?
Lisa: I think the little things can really add up in everyday life, putting some extra effort into your morning greeting, breakfast in bed, lighting a few candles, delivering a bunch of flowers or reminding those around you that you love them.
FAM: What are your favourite types of flowers?
Lisa: I love peonies, tulips & baby’s breath.
FAM: How do you like to incorporate flowers into your everyday style?
Lisa: I love buying a bunch of flowers for the house so often I end up carrying them in my handbag whilst I’m walking around the shops, they end up being part of my outfit!

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