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Pet Friendly Gifts for Every Occasion

An increasing number of pet owners consider their animals to be more than just furry friends. For many, these animals are a part of the family. As such, they deserve nothing but the best, from the food they eat to the toys they play with.

People are so attached to their pets, some consider them akin to children. They throw dog birthday parties and spoil them with the latest toys and treats. Many people even give their furry friends a gift on special occasions, just as they would a family member or friend. And whether for an upcoming holiday or just because, you should consider getting your pet — or your friend’s pet — a gift to celebrate that occasion. Of course, finding the appropriate gift for them (or for a person with a beloved animal) isn’t just a matter of sending the right message or knowing their likes and dislikes; it is important to think about whether your gift is safe for animals, and whether they have any special needs or behavioural issues you should know about.

Why Give a Gift?

Why would you give anyone a gift? Aside from following social conventions around the holidays and birthday parties, people give each other gifts to show that they appreciate and care about you. By giving an owner or their pet a gift, you can show that not only do you care about their fur baby, you recognize and acknowledge the importance of this animal in their life.

If you aren’t an animal lover, it may feel silly to spend money on non-essential items for them. However, you can demonstrate the depth of your appreciation for the owner and their pet by giving them a thoughtful gift. Do not simply get the first thing you see at the store. Take some time to think about the pet, their owner, and the occasion — that’s how you’ll find the perfect pet-friendly gift.

Pet-Friendly Housewarming Gifts

If your friend, family member, or coworker has recently moved, a gift meant for both furry friend and human alike is the perfect way to congratulate them on their new home. It’s a thoughtful way to recognize that this space is also meant for their pet.

Here are some ideas for a pet-friendly housewarming gift:

  • Plants or flowers are a traditional housewarming gift. If you decide to get a plant or flower, be sure it’s pet-friendly. Many common plants, including lilies and poinsettias, are toxic to cats and dogs. Your friend and their companion will appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  • Your friend just moved into a new house — why not get a new house for their fur baby, too? A bed, crate, or playpen is a great chance to welcome their animal to this new space.
  • A new house represents a fresh start. Help your friend keep their new home clean by getting them a Furminator or paying for a trip to the local dog groomer. Their pet may not be as happy about it, but their owner will definitely appreciate it!

Pet Birthday and Holiday Gifts

A large number of owners will give their fur kid a gift for the holidays or their birthday. In fact, a survey conducted by Rover found that 56 percent of dog owners have celebrated their dog’s birthday. Similarly, a survey from PetCube found that over 90 percent of owners will put a gift under the Christmas tree for their furry best friend.

Some ideas for a pet’s birthday or holiday gift include:

Make or buy some animal-friendly treats or “pupcakes”. Both birthdays and holidays are filled with goodies for humans, but those treats are often unsafe for dogs to eat. Both your friend and their companion will be happy about being included in the festivities!

Find an activity that pet and owner can do together. Cover admission to a dog-friendly 5k, pay for a lesson at an obedience class or invest in a toy that requires a lot of interaction. It can be tricky to find extra time to spend with a pet; your friend will be grateful that you helped them prioritize it.

Just like a kid on Christmas morning, any animal will usually love a new toy to play with. Ask their owner about their favourite kinds of toys so you can find something they’re sure to love and use.

Condolences for a Pet That Has Passed

Many pet owners take the loss of their animal companion as seriously as the loss of a beloved human. Some companies have even begun to offer pet bereavement to their employees, to give them time to cope with their loss. Know that if your friend has lost their pet, they are probably going through an incredibly difficult time.

Show your support and love for them with a sympathy gift:

  • Though they’re simple, sympathy flowers and a card can go a long way. If the owner has a favourite flower, consider getting a bouquet of that to honour them.
  • A framed photo of their pet, or of them and their pet, can help keep their memory alive. Not only that, it will remind your friend of happier times. They may not have thought to commemorate that particular moment and will be able to treasure that memory forever.
  • Consider a memorial collar and tag. Include the pet’s name, date of birth, date of death, and a small inscription to memorialize their life. This may seem small or insignificant, but their owner will be happy to have something their animal friend wore (or could have worn) to remember them by.

The gift-giving process shows affection and deepens relationships, and it does not need to be exclusive to humans. Pamper the pet and pet owner in your life to express your appreciation and love. Human or not, they will cherish it!

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