Choosing Safe Plants and Flowers for Your Kids’ Bedroom

Brina Blum

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The right flowers

Many parents love adding a soft touch to their child’s bedroom in the form of flowers, but the flowers you opt for must be chosen carefully as some of them can be toxic! Chief Plant Expert Ebony Andrews from Flowers Across Melbourne tells us:

“Lilies should be avoided for kids bedrooms as they are toxic if ingested. While lilies are extremely fun to watch open up and have beautiful colour, they can be dangerous, especially for babies and young children. You should always design a child’s bedroom to be a soothing place for bedtime and the fragrance of lilies can be extremely stimulating. Lilies are best to be avoided if you want your little darlings to get to sleep quickly and stay asleep! As for plants we recommend, the peace lily is perfect as it’s known for its air purifying qualities. However, peace lilies can be toxic if ingested, so be careful when designing with this plant and use for older children’s rooms only.”

Opt for soothing plants and keep any toxic ones secure and out of reach of younger children. To find the perfect flowers for you, visit the Flowers Across Melbourne Facebook and Instagram.

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