How to Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

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Spring is an invigorating season that’s sure to have you wanting to spruce up your home. Here’s some quick and easy ways you can welcome the new season into your home!

Clean up

There’s no better way to begin getting ready for spring than by doing a spring clean, of course! Interior Designer Sophie Kost from My Beautiful Abode tells us the benefits of doing so:

“There’s nothing like that feeling of a rejuvenated space, which why through the generations and across cultures, spring cleaning is approached with a fervour akin to spiritual cleansing, as a way to herald in a new season, new beginnings. Our tip to freshen up your space for the warmer months is to declutter and restyle. Decluttering is big business, and whilst we are firm believers in a regular systematic clean out of the stuff that accumulates almost organically, we believe it’s a person’s ‘stuff’ that tells their story, that expresses their personality and makes a house a home.”

One thing that makes spring cleaning a whole heap easier is having nifty storage solutions, like trundle beds or shelving units. Browse the MyDeal Furniture range to find the pieces you need.

Visit Sophie’s Facebook and Instagram for more design inspiration.

Tackle everything you’ve been putting off

Have you had a daily to-do list that just keeps rolling over to the next day? This spring, put aside a weekend to finally tackle all those house-related things that have been bothering you. Maybe there’s a broken blind in the living room, or chipped paint in your child’s bedroom, or a bathroom tap that’s always leaking.

We promise, you’ll feel invigorated and accomplished when you finally tick off the things that you’ve been putting off. Tending to all these little things will also make you feel ready for summer entertaining!

Embrace nature

Spring is synonymous with blooming flowers, so what better way to freshen up your home than with flowers? Ebony Andrews, Chief Plant Expert at Flowers Across Melbourne, tells us:

“Beautiful blooms and bouquets of fresh springtime flowers are an amazing way of injecting colour into your home this spring. Freesias and hyacinths not only look stunning but are very fragrant flowers, which will make your home welcoming as the colder months disappear.

Daffodils, tulips and sweet peas are pretty spring flowers which are super popular this time of year. So too are sweet peas and andromeda, which could be dotted around in little jars or small succulent gardens or plants in mason jars which are cute additions to end tables.”

Sound stunning? Get your own at Flowers Across Melbourne or visit their Facebook and Instagram for inspiration.

Be imperfect

Nature is beautiful, yet completely random and imperfect. Take inspiration from the elements by being a little laissez faire with your decorating. Wendy Marples, Interior Design Stylist at Plantation Homes, tells us:

“I am finding that we are now embracing imperfection in a big way – texture, texture and more texture is appearing for both hard surfaces and soft furnishings within the home and a perfect addition to your spring style.

For this season, we are seeing velvet, faux fur, leather and linen in soft furnishings. In hard surfaces, we are seeing an array of imperfect shaped tiles, weathered timber and matte finish laminates.

You can mix and match your textures to create a unique, relaxed look or add some metallics for a more luxe look. By layering textured items, you can add a whole other dimension to your space and it makes it easy to change up some of those decorative items for the change of season.”

Gain more design inspiration from the Plantation Homes Instagram and browse the MyDeal Home & Garden range to find nature-inspired decor pieces.

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